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Information on Super Membership

Due to some issues related to changing servers, please contact, sending receipt since forum group does not change to Super Member in title after you have donated now until you email/PM admin. If you do not still see title updated after email, please PM Diane S on forum to fix and update title. Some emails do go to spam so PM and email.

Super Memberships listed Click HERE:
You can email if any questions.

(Snail Mail address listed below for those preferring to donate in use
of personal checks or money orders.)

Would you please consider becoming a CARM Super Member or Secular Super Member if you use the forums regularly? A bit more fun for you as we will give you back the gift of extra discussion forum options and fun. If you enjoy the forums, becoming a Super Member does not mean you agree with us theologically, it is absolutely not necessary that you would be a member in our beliefs but a member of the forums in helping to support our efforts to providing a place were we can discuss our different beliefs, ideas, disagreements and opinions.

To those wishing to subscribe to the CARM discussion forums as Super Member, we have initiated the CARM Super Member subscription option to purchase for 3-6 months. Secular members get an additional month in membership due to their limits to forums.
You can find options here:

Or click on "Super Membership" linked at *** of forums. To join as Secular Member, please scroll down to the options of subscription.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members have access to larger storage in Private Message use on forums.

CARM Super Members may start a blog in their control panel under Settings, removed when SM cancelled.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members may start a poll to discussions.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members may also add attachments to their post.

CARM Super members/Secular Super Members on the new forum will be able to upload directly to their account a personal avatar and may post images in their posts, (rules apply). Non-members are restricted to CARM list of avatars found in user menu or user CP (control panel).

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members may place a link to their website in their post to "G" rated material, no anti-Christian websites permitted.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members may post images that are "G" in rating. Non-members may not post images.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members may add up to three threads per day of a different ***ic per board. (Link rules apply to all links posted)

CARM Super Members will have access to the "Super Members Only" board for private discussion among members and subscribe to threads in email or pm.

CARM Super Members may start social groups that are "G" rated. No
groups promoting of any sin permitted.

CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members, supporters will be identified with their personal user name title on the new forums. Please see list below to extra privileges for Super members that subscribe to the forums. If you are wearing your member title or icon to identify you:

You may link to your website/business in signatures
(must be "G" rated business or website, no anti-Christian websites, no blogs or forums) To be clear, added per edit, no anti-Biblical websites that promote sin of any sort will be permitted and no links to other discussion forums/blogs that have comments or responses. Blogs permitted if there are no responses in messages posted on the blog that mods would have to check. Please see the CARM homepages and our Statement of Faith. Should you have a question as to whether or not your website will be approved, please contact Diane through the email to before signing on as member. We will delete any or all anti-Christian and anti-Biblical websites from links in signatures.

Paypal subscription
PO Box 1353
Nampa, Idaho 83653
(Important specify what it is for, Forum Super Membership
and please include user name on forums)

The subscription for Super membership is $15.00 for three months, $25.00 for six months, $50.00 for one year. Accounts will be activated automatically when you sign on and deactivated later when subscription date ends or by contacting Diane in pm. To join membership or to inquire about banner advertising on CARM discussion forums, please pm Diane or email for details. Please keep receipts of subscriptions, it is good to keep records also of all transactions. Secular members, you should let Diane S know when you email/PM receipt that you are a Sec. Super Member and you will be given additional time, the time is $15.00 for four months, $25.00 for seven months, $50.00 for 14 months, again due to limited forums for Secular members, we have increased the time per subscription to Super Membership.

To subscribe on the new forums, simply go to User CP (Settings) found in upper left corner on the new forums. Or click on the link located under "Super Memberships" at the *** of the forums. Or after opening your control panel in Settings, scroll down to bottom and select Paid Subscriptions, you may then join through pay pal following the instructions for CARM Super Member or Secular Super Member. (There are no longer 5 dollar monthly subscriptions, due to the cost of processing, you must go to User CP and subscribe every three months to keep Super Membership and Secular Super Members must subscribe every four months active to pay membership in advance to options listed or select the * for recurring memberships.) Please PM or email Diane once you have completed your transaction for upgrade to your new privileges if not noted automatic upgrade, and allow 24 hours for system to be upgraded. There are some credit cards requiring funds to be cleared and access. If you want to mail a check please, see below to the address.
The same board rules apply to the CARM Super Members/Secular Super Members but they have additional privileges.

ATTENTION: There will be no refunds of membership subscriptions. CARM rules apply to all posters, Super members and non-members. Should you lose your privileges to post due to a suspension, there is no refund of membership fees during your suspension time. Your post will still remain on the boards, edited only for inappropriate content, with links, polls, remaining till end of membership contract. Or use the mail to subscribe to forums. Edited to add New PO Box Address:

PO Box 1353
Nampa, Idaho 83653
(Important specify what it is for, Forum Super Membership
and please include user name on forums)

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