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  1. "Righteousness by Faith"--Part I

    From below:
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    Well I am glad we could agree upon that little detail that righteousness by faith is a part of the covenant between God and Abraham and God and us.
    As with most things SDA, the unbreachable difference is in the (re)definitions. The Roman Catholic Church and SDAism (a la Jones and Waggoner) define "RBF" as the believer being made righteous. The "Righteousness that is of faith" of the Scriptures as defined by Genesis and by Paul is God declaring the ...
  2. Abrahamic, Old, and New Covenants

    Posted by 1stthings1st on the SDA forum.

    Part I

    During discussions here on CARM, often some of our Adventist posters will frequently comment that the New Covenant began in Genesis or at the time of Abraham. Some say that the New Covenant was actually given to Adam in the garden of Eden. This would place the "New" Covenant before the Old Covenant in an amazing feat of "reverse revelation" and Biblical sleight-of-hand.

    And, because ...

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  3. The 144,000 of Revelation 7...

    The tribes outlined in Revelation 7 have a unique composition that may have implications for the time they are sealed.


    Jacob who was later renamed 'Israel' had twelve sons: (Genesis 29:32 - 30:24 and Genesis 35:18).
    They are as follows...

    Reuben Simeon Levi Judah Dan Naphtali Gad Asher Isaachar Zebulan Joseph Benjamin

    Later Joseph recieved a ‘double portion’...(Genesis 48:1-6 Joshua 14:1-4)
    Joseph was split into ...

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  4. The New Covenant: With Jews Only?

    I have heard both SDAs and MJs state that the New Covenant was made only with the Jews. MJs lay claim to it by trying to become Jews by doing everything that the Jews did. SDAs lay claim to it by claiming that they are "spiritual Jews."

    If one reads the 2 occurrences of the "New Covenant," one can only come to the conclusion that this is an accurate evaluation, that the "New Covenant" was made specifically with "the house of Israel and with the ...
  5. The "Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord"

    Quote Originally Posted by Icyspark View Post
    Hi John T,

    The title of my post was in relation to the comments I embedded in the quote box, which stated: "[The testimony ABOUT Jesus is what Pastors and teachers do. Prophets share a testimony FROM Jesus. Huge difference. Sharing a message FROM the Lord is what the spirit of prophecy is." Do you disagree that being a pastor or a teacher doesn't qualify one for the title of prophet?
    "Qualify"? What an odd thing to say!
    Who is doing the "qualifying"? ...
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