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The year of the[Messiah's]Birth is quite easy to ascertain- posted by Hawkeye

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[QUOTE=Hawkeye;2286318].......I assume you're asking, "how the year of the Birth is quite easy to ascertain"?

The time of the year was during the fall festivals (Tabernacles) for a host of reasons we won't bother with now. King Herod is the key to the entire mystery and his period of reign is easily confirmed by secular history. Yeshua was born during the days of King Herod [Matthew 2:1] and we also know it was near the time of Herod's death [Matthew 2:13-15].

Herod went to Rome during the winter [B]"And thus did this man receive the Kingdom, having obtained it on the 184th Olympiad when Caius Domitus Calvinius was consul the second time and Caius Asinius Pollio (the first time)"[/B] [Josephus, Antiquities 14;14;5]

Olympiads were four years and were figured from July to July. The 184th Olympiad was July 44 B.C. to July 40 B.C. and Calvinius and Pollio were consuls in the year 714 AUC, which would have been 40 B.C. (AUC means from the founding of Rome) [Hand book of Biblical Chronology].

The calendar years for consuls were reckoned from January to January and when you combine this data with the July to July length of the Olympiads you can then figure out exactly when this occurred....within 6 months margin of error. In addition we are told that Herod's reign in Jerusalem began when the rigor of winter was his third year since he had been made King at Rome [Josephus, Antiquities, 14;15;14].

[B]But Herod was unable to take the city of Jerusalem until the summer when Marcus Agrippa and Cannanius Gallus were consuls of Rome, on the 185th the third month on the solemnity of the fast[/B] [Josephus, Antiquities, 14:16;2-4]. The 185th Olympiad was from July 40 B.C. to July 36 B.C. and Agrippa and Gallus were consuls in the year 717 AUC.....the year 37 B.C. The "Fast" of the third month would have been Sivan 23 and Herod completed the conquest of the city in the summer of 37 B.C.

When you put all these facts together this is what emerges: Herod crowned in Rome January/March 40 B.C. and began reigning in Jerusalem a little over three and 1/3rd years later (37 B.C.). [B]Herod died having reigned since he had put Antigonus to death....34 years, but 37 years since he had been declared King by the Romans [/B][Josephus, Antiquities, 17;8;1]. Josephus also tells us that Antigonus was killed shortly after Herod took Jerusalem; [Josephus, Antiquities 14;16;4]. Herod began his reign in 40 B.C., reigned 37 including the first year of his reign he would have died in 4 B.C.

Yeshua was born in 5 B.C. and began His ministry (30 years of age) [Luke 3:23] during the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius [Luke 3:1]. This is confusing to some as they do not consider the fact that Tiberius co-reigned with Augustus for two years. The key to this dispute is the Battle of Actium which took place during the 187th Olympiad in the seventh year of the reign of King Herod [Josephus, Antiquities 15;5;1-2]. This Olympiad would have been from July 32 B.C. to July 28 B.C. and Herod's 7th year was 31 B.C. to 30 B.C.

Augustus ruled 44 years from the victory at Actium ....the last two....jointly with Tiberius. Thus, the co-rulership began in 12 A.D. and the 15th year of Tiberius would have been 26/27 A.D.

During the first Passover of His ministry the Jews stated that this temple had been 46 years in the building [John 2:20]. The first Passover would have been 27 A.D.

[Josephus, Antiquities, 15;11;1] says: [B]And now Herod in his eighteenth year of his reign (18 in Jerusalem/ 21 from his coronation in Rome) undertook a very great build of himself the Temple of God[/B]. The 18th year of Herod's reign was 20 B.C./19 B.C. which was the first year of the building of the temple. This means the 46th year [John 2:20] would have been 27 A.D.

Yeshua celebrated three Passovers in scripture [John 2:13; 6:4; 13:1] so it assumed that He had a three and one half year ministry....being born during the fall festivals and crucified on Passover. The year according to my reckoning would be 30 A.D. and as you can see the crucifixion on Nisan 14 (Passover Preparation) Wednesday [Leviticus 23:5] would then allow the time prophesied [Matthew 12:40] for a Sabbath morning resurrection on Nisan 17.


The reason the Catholic/Protestant theology insists on 33 A.D is because Passover Preparation (Nisan 14) fell on a Friday that year and they could then back up their spurious story of a Friday afternoon/Sunday morning affair:


I just showed you how..... and since we know he was resurrected on a Sabbath morning we can back it up to a Tuesday night/Wednesday Nisan 14 to be the day of the crucifixion and 30 A.D. is the only one warranted by both the calendar and the chronology.

The fact that most people believe in a Sunday resurrection is simply because that's been the fairy tale offered by the main Stream Church for over 1700 years now. As you can see by reading the four gospel messages with a literal Greek translation......that's been just a silly assumption....fooling most everyone.[/QUOTE]


  1. desertscout's Avatar
    Some believe that the Messiah was raised on the Feast of First Fruits, which would have been on the first day of the week as in Lev. 23:10-11. However, if you believe that he was raised some time around the hours of the Havdalah, then technically, it would still be the Shabbat and the eve of First Fruits as well. In either case, if indeed the resurrection day was on the first day of the week, it would be doubtful that Yeshua would have been 'sanctifying a 'new sabbath.' Since Yeshua was a Torah observant Jew, then the Shabbat as described in Exodus 31:15-17 would have still remained His 'Queen of the week.' I agree with your assertion that Sukkot was most likely the correct time of the Messiah's birth; perhaps on Hoshana Rabbah (John 7:37-39)??!!?? And the lulavs are waved!!!
  2. Ronshua's Avatar
    Hawkeye , I'm wondering why you didn't nail the birthday down , the first day of , Sukkot , (Tabernacles) making the LAST GREAT DAY FEAST the day of severing the flesh , accounting for the JOY connected to this Feast day . Can't prove it but you know it's true .

    I realize John the Baptizer's birth wasn't in this scope , but how can you separate this three month earlier event pouring more "course" documentation , 2 Chronicles 8:14 . John born PassOver dawn , circumcised eight days later , wave offering ritual . Just a little addition , bingo .

    Please don't get me wrong , I think you did a great job here , just roundabout . Having studied "Josephus" in depth , I hold much of his testimony as suspect & very possible tainted by outside sources .

    Now you said , "... most people believe in a Sunday resurrection.." , but ( Jewish Shabbat (Shabbath, Shabbos, Shabbes, Shobos, etc.) is a weekly day of rest, observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night A Hebrew day starts at "the appearance of three stars in the sky", and ended the same way .The HEBREW day & night , as the day dawned is "as the SABBATH ended as the Sunset . NOT THE SUNRISE . The body was buried , our time , (Passover Preparation day) end of Wednesday , the dawn of Thursday before "the appearance of three stars in the sky" that day is a High Holy day , no travel , Friday travel is okay , so the women shopped for the burial herbs , Saturday the regular Sabbath had ended at "the appearance of three stars in the sky"and the first day of the week dawned , travel permitted , The women headed to the tomb , Our Messiah was already , RESURRECTED . So then , the end of the , third day , Sabbath , A Hebrew day starts at "the appearance of three stars in the sky", and ended the same way ,

    evening , not morning .

    " the sign of Jonah the prophet,"

    29 And the multitudes crowding together upon him, he began to say, `This generation is evil, a sign it doth seek after, and a sign shall not be given to it, except the sign of Jonah the prophet,
    30 for as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so also shall the Son of Man be to this generation.
  3. Ronshua's Avatar
    duplicate post.
    Updated 02-03-12 at 05:20 PM by yosef
  4. yosef's Avatar
    I am not Hawkeye; I blog his posts for my own edification. I have learned much and encourage all to seek him out as GOD has blessed him with a gift for teaching.
  5. Ronshua's Avatar
    To have a mentor to look to , I see as a comfort but fellow believer , how does John 16:13 and when He may come -- the Spirit of truth -- He will guide you to all the truth, for He will not speak from Himself, but as many things as He will hear He will speak, and the coming things He will tell you; (YLT)
    Work in your belief system & Worship of our Almighty ? You do see the , "... He will tell you" part ?

    I mean no disrespect to you or brother Hawkeye , when I seen how close he was , but then reading His "... for a Sabbath morning resurrection on Nisan 17." I flashed a temperature increase of 10 or 15 degrees . Mentally visualizing a group of believers facing East as the Sun came up with three cross's some ware near . Brother , I'm a 100 % , ... judge not ... , but I couldn't let that slide , well 99 % .

    I'm going to try to explain as briefly as possible , I hope you understand , you don't have to agree . I don't hold this as a salvation or not key but much like fulfilled Scripture it's nice to have it all make sense .

    The "Sunset / Sunrise" is explained above .

    There where torture STAKES , POLES or PALES . A cross is the most heathen symbol devised by the corrupted mind of man . A dollars worth of study & a Google will school you to this truth . Check the Catholic encyclopedia , a swastika is nothing but a cross . W.E.VINE spells it OUT as any good reference book !

    You or the Supreme court of the USA could tell me The Temple people would standstill for a cross to be an execution device right out in front of the Temple , I'll take a pass , thanks .
    To think the Roman army would execute anyone on the most holy object in paganism is ludicrous !

    The next time you read , I recommend YLT , scripture look hard for 'cross' two & 'cross' three ! You will be hard pressed to find them , " THE" , "HAND ON HAND" is there and much more if you look .

    The marriage of paganism to the "reconciliation", "ATONEMENT"; SACRIFICE; PROPITIATION. of our ANOINTED is where this crud came from , the " mysteries "!

    "anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown: the mysteries" ( RING A BELL ?)

    YET SCRIPTURE spells out ;

    John 16:13 and when He may come -- the Spirit of truth -- He will guide you to all the truth, for He will not speak from Himself, but as many things as He will hear He will speak, and the coming things He will tell you; (YLT)

    Blessings .