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If you havn't seen the 180 movie yet.....then stop what you are doing and watch it right now![URL=""][/URL] or go to YouTube and search for "180 movie" . This video clip is about 33 minutes long and shows a number of college aged people who change their views on abortion from pro-choice to pro-life in a few moments when they begin to do some thinking.....The video is done by Ray Comfort of Living Waters Ministries. It is a real eye opener. I can personally recommend this excellent presentation of the comparison of the Holocaust to the abortions which kill millions of unborn innocent children every year around the world.

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  1. javamaven's Avatar
    I'd rather see the interviews unedited, and comprehensive follow-ups from all those interviewed.

    Also, Ray is completly misrepresenting himself and this film in poor press-releases. Why is Ray all of a sudden considering himself Jewish when referring to himself as the "Jewish producer"?

    Is Ray really Christian or is he Jewish?
  2. dinosaur's Avatar
    Can't you be both? All of the early Christians were.....
  3. javamaven's Avatar
    According to Ray himself, it must be one or the other.
  4. dinosaur's Avatar
    really- ? can you link me to that please?
  5. dinosaur's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by javamaven
    According to Ray himself, it must be one or the other.
    He can be an ethnic or a national Jew and be a religious Christian at the same time. There is no conflict here. People can be many things at the same time as long as they don't violate the law on non contradiction. I can be a father AND a son AND a brother AND an uncle etc. but I can't be a father and NOT a father at the same time and in the same way.