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The Adventist Sabbath Paradox - an introduction.

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While researching historical and astonomical evidence for the date of Jesus crucifixion...
...I discovered a paradox that Seventh-day Adventists are still unable to answer.

The discussion that followed considered biblical, historical, astonomical and theological information...
...and I was asked if I would blog it for easy access.

The Paradox is this...

Seventh-day Adventists claim their prophetic origin in 1844...
...a date that was calculated using a Lunar calendar whose weekly Sabbaths are determined by the New Moon each month…
...the prophetic scheme requires a 31 AD crucifixion date to get to 1844...
…however, they later adopted a successive weekly Sabbath determined by the Julian/Gregorian calendars...
...that can not be reconciled with Jesus crucifixion in 31 AD.

The paradox has implications for Seventh-day Adventist...
...assertions about the Saturday Sabbath...
...their organizations prophetic self-identity...
...and the role, accuracy and authority of Ellen White.

The issue will be presented in the order it developed in the forum...
...under the following headings...

Let every man be fully persuaded.
William Miller/Samuel Snow calendar calculations.
1938 General Conference Research Committee.
Adventist Yearbook 1883.
The criteria for the crucifixion date.
Ellen White's endorsement.
Ellen White and the Synoptic Gospel Evidence.
The Astronomical Data and 31AD.
Moses The Exodus and the Lunar month.
The Barley Harvest.
Kepler and the witness of Phlegon and Peter.
Philo, Josephus and the Essenes.
Titus Flavius Clemens.
Sejanus and Tiberius - Pilate "no friend of Caesar".
Jericho Campaign - 7 days without a Sabbath.
Commentary from current Jewish sources.


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