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    Quote Originally Posted by marke View Post
    How will endless debates about ancient manuscripts ever produce another perfect Bible? Or, is it just the intention of critics to keep stirring up God's people to the 'fact' that they will never have a Bible they can depend upon with 100% total confidence?

    However, there are problems with the specifics as well. e.g Rick does not even indicate what quotes he believers are accurate and correct, that he will stand by and defend as true. In my experience, Rick will defend putting in quotes that he even knows are factually wrong, since they are not his own words.

    So there really is no position to "debate".

    e.g. In post #30 I asked him a simple question about two quotes he daisy-chained. And there was no response at all, even though my question is clearly very logical and, if unanswered, indicates that Rick does not even understand his own quotes.

    Yours in Jesus,

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