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Oh rjw, I say this with love, ...
I understand that. There are two ways in which a Christian can offer these words to a non Christian:-

1) As a offer of a gift. It’s something they sincerely believe and they wish to share it. And so they do, even though the other person does not share their belief. It’s kind of like saying to another “I really do wish you well” or “As a friend I really hope you can accept this ...”, or something like it. Except that behind the words is a faith and an associated set of important ideas that the giver is wanting to share.

2) As a meaningless glib assertion at best or as an insult at worst. That might seem a strange thing to say, but it goes like this - “As a Christian, only I have real love and everything I say is, by default love. ...”

I have met both kinds of folk and I place you firmly in 1). So I can easily accept your words in good faith and thank you for them, even though I disagree in that it is not obvious to me.

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If you would like to reply and have the last word on it, go for it! Then, we talked about hitting absolute truth (AT). Instead of just wandering down from these posts, perhaps we can reply to an earlier post and start AT from there instead of buried after logic??
No. Im happy to leave it here and return to AT. I suspect that some of what I could say in reply to your post above, will arise in our conversation on AT.

Rather than hunting for that particular discussion, if you are happy, I’ll post a very short anecdote at the same level that the OP is at, and we can exchange our views from that point.

The anecdote will illustrate why, although I accept there is AT, that no human can actually claim to have it. There is always room for doubt.