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Thread: If flesh and blood cannot enter into heaven, how did Jesus ascend to it?

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    Default If flesh and blood cannot enter into heaven, how did Jesus ascend to it?

    some say, jesus has to come back in the flesh.
    they use the verses used in the event of the ascension.

    why stand ye gazing, this same jesus,
    will come back in like manner.

    i have to ask, what manner is that?

    they claim, he arose through the air in the flesh.

    ok, so what?

    the word, and even christ said,
    flesh and blood cannot inter into the kingdom of heaven.

    they ask, what happened to his flesh then, when did it change?

    what happened to his flesh, i don't know, but i do know that the men,
    who stood watching, could only see so far, and then he would have been out of their sight.

    i'm sorry, but even airplanes,
    that are not heading to the father can get so high, we cant see them.

    so, there is plenty of room for the change from a earthly body, to a glorified body.

    and according to our beliefs,
    we say, christ sits at the right hand of the father,
    according to christ, flesh and blood cannot enter,

    so, we do?
    claim christ was wrong again and he went to heaven in the flesh?
    believe christ and say we don't know what happened after he got out of their sight.

    again, a simple choice
    believe what the word says and accept we don't understand it all.

    or deny the knowledge of christ and the father,
    and lean on our own understanding.
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