I was discussing baptism with Matt Slick and he believes faith only and I believe baptism is essential to one's salvation.

Matt, I said that if a person knows that they have to be baptized, and on the way gets killed, this is when exception by God rules. This person knows that water is essential and due to no fault of his own is killed, this person would be saved. If the person believed as you do, that baptism wasn't essential unto salvation and decides to go ahead and go through with what you call a ritual or a ceremonial act and is killed, he is lost eternally. because of his decision not to believe that baptism is essential to be saved.

What saved the one that believed baptism is essential, , but wasn't able to get baptized, but again knew it was essential, was the "truth" of the gospel, that's the only way without water was he saved.

I would love to hear from everyone on this subject, just as baptism is essential, so is knowing and teaching the truth essential.