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Thread: Trinity, Logical or Not

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    You have broken the rules of the debate that you set by not giving me the last word (NEWS FLASH, THE DEBATE WAS OVER BASED ON YOUR RULES) and in the very act of rule breaking accuse me of dishonesty. The Irony is breathtaking there.

    YOU MADE A MISTAKE, YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR MEDICINE and took this to the trinity forum to discuss, but your pride has caused this public disgrace, attempting to salvage a lost cause AFTER IT IS OVER.

    There was no typo, here is your quote:
    Essences are impersonal by definition. They describe what beings and persons are
    It expresses a complete thought, there is no mispelliing. I guess I was supposed to READ YOUR MIND instead of your actual words. What else was I supposed to think you meant, yet you falsely accuse me of dishonesty, and in the very post where you have continued A FINISHED DEBATE. Why? because you could not accept a loss with class and dignity.
    You probably even meant what you wrote at the time, and now backtrack to avoid emarrassment.

    You have brought this on yourself. Since rules mean nothing to you, if you refuse to allow me the last word then I am done here, good day.
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