I was raised Catholic until I went off to college, continued to attended mass, but came to believe that the wafer that was placed in my mouth was Not the flesh of Christ.
Let's face it, to believe a man (priest) can change the molecules of the bread (Eucharist) by the phrase "Ex opere operato" into flesh challenged my sense of taste.
My family now shuns me because great granddad came from Ireland (saint's perserves us) and saw to it all his family attended a Catholic church and school; and now when questioned, even my father believes that I am lost.

I do not believe any Church can trace the church they attend back to Pentecost. When you get back to the Anabaptists one finds that both Catholic and Protestant's literally wiped out the movement that began on Zürich in 1525 by Conrad Grebel and Fleix Mann. By 1529 the Anabaptist had so infuriated both Catholics and the Lutheran's that they came to gather in an imperial meeting at Speyer (Holland) in agreement that the death penalty should be inflicted upon the Anabaptists. You can study the tortures inflicted upon this peace loving people by a chronical account by Menno Simons, one of their later members of the "deaths of 2173 of the brethren."

The remnants of this movement are found in the Minnonites who took the name of their leader "Mennonites" and the Amish, named after Peter Amno. Their movement was the right-winged, Conservative branch of the Mennonites. The Ammana settlement in Wisconsin is an example of an Anabaptist groups that has prospered.
Amazing what "Spirit filled" men will do in the "cause of Christ."