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icons Green = Admins & Moderators
Gold = Super Members
Blue =  All Forum Guests
White = Atheist Super Members
Red = Atheist/Agnostics

1. Know the Board Rules (Link opens in new window)
2. Atheists/Agnostics to use only the Skeptic room for discussion or debates unless given permission from admin/mod.
3. Transcripts of all activities are sent to CARM daily.
4. No personal attacks, insults.
5. Do not post advertisements, emails, no soliciting outside contact.
6. Ask permission of admin/mod to post a link, anyone violating the rules may be suspended.
7. Mods/Admins only correct behaviors of chat/forum users.
8. Mods only to use red, orange, bright pink text in room.
9. If you have questions contact Diane in the chatroom and/or email at
CARM CHAT ROOM.  To participate, you must register on Forums Abide by the RULES.
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