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    Why do dishonest socialists lie about Jesus?

    lol Oneness cultists have a bizarre interpretation of Scriptur. Also, the New American Standard Bible uses the word “slavery.” You said your Bible doesn’t have the word slaver. ha ha ha ha ha ha
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    Trump finishes strong

    lol Rasmussen. Did you look at any other polls?
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    Why would majority of military turn back on Joe Biden motorcade?

    Seriously. Don’t they ever get tired of being burned?
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    And so it begins

    Pretty sure what you think of as Christian morality is some arbitrary thing made up in the past few decades. The New Testament is clearly pro-slavery, pro-castration wants you to hate everybody and is indifferent to abortion and homosexuality.
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    And so it begins

    Sorry you have to tolerate other people having the same rights as you. that must be hard
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    Here It Comes, President Trump Starting The Dump, Obama Gate, Russia Gate, Many Other Documents!

    Man, you’re not even paying attention You people need to look beyond the crazy lies you are being fed
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    And so it begins

    Tough cookie. We are legally obligated to tolerate Christians. You should be legally obligated to tolerate gays.
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    Why do dishonest socialists lie about Jesus?

    ha ha ha ha I’d be curious how you came up with that. Have you ever heard of, “Render unto Caesar”?
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    Antifa riot inciter, Ayana Pressley, says GOP members guilty of "Chemical Warfare" for not wearing masks in the Capitol.

    Who was handling your law practice, running your fortune 1000 company, tending your farm, drilling your oil, seeing over your accounting business, coaching your Olympic team, teaching your university classes, looking after your psychiatric patients, lassoing you cows, etc. while you were...
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    Some ask what do you think it will take for the far left to know they've been trick?

    Ignorant agree or disagree with the gender argument, you should at least familiarize yourself with them
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    Farewell to the high achiever PRESIDENT.

    Unemployment trajectories didn’t change significantly between Obama and the Orange Weirdo. Trumps gross mishandling of the pandemic destroyed the economy