Name: David Edward Oliver
Age: 47 yrs old (August 23, 1973)
Born: Springfield, VA
Current Address: Apex, NC
- Calvary Road Christian School,
- Hayfield Intermediate & Secondary School
- Northern Virginia Community College (Annandale)
- Liberty University
Work: Former Giant Food Cashier
Health: Diagnosed with Paranoid-Schizophrenia & Depression
Religion: Community of Christ (RLDS)
Political: Registered Independent

Favorite Books: [alphabetical order]
- A Chosen Faith (Unitarian-Universalist)
- Alternate History Series (John Turtledove)
- A Painted House (John Grisham)
- A People's History of United States of America (Howard Zinn)
- Angels, Angels, Angels (Rev. Billy Graham)
- Artemis Fowl Series (Eoin Colfer)
- Art of Happiness (Dali Lama)
- Art of War (Sun Tzu)
- A Journey of a People Series (Community of Christ/RLDS)
- Behold A Pale Horse (Piers Anthony)
- Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (Bill O'Reilly)
- Book of the Law of the Lord (Strangite)
- Book of Mormon
- 1830 Edition (original)
- Authorized Version (RLDS)
- Book of Mormon (LDS)
- Record of the Nephites (Church of Christ With Elijah Message)
- Revised Authorized Version (RLDS)
- Book of Mormon: On Trial (LDS)
- Civil War: A Narrative History (Shelby Foote)
- Complete Idiots Guide to American Revolution
- Complete Idiots Guide to Civil War
- Complete Idiots Guide to Spirituality (Doreen Virtue)
- Complete Idiots Guide to World War I
- Complete Idiots Guide to World War II
- Dianetics (Scientology)
- Different Drum (Dr. M. Scott Peck)
- Evidence That Demands Verdict I&II (Josh McDowell)
- Four Spiritual Laws (Rev. Billy Bright)
- Harry Potter Series (J.K. Rowling)
- History of Church of Christ (Temple Lot)
- History of the Church of Jesus Christ I&II (Bickertonite)
- History of the Church of LDS Series (Joseph Smith Jr)
- History of the RLDS Series (Community of Christ/RLDS)
- Holy Bible
- American Standard Version (Catholic)
- American Standard Version Bible (Protestant)
- American Standard Version Bible (updated)
- Inspired Version (Joseph Smith Translation)
- King James Version (Authorized Version)
- The Bible In Living English (Jehovah's Witness)
- The Living Bible (Paraphrase)
- New King James Version (updated)
- New International Version (Paraphrase/literal)
- New Living Translation (Paraphrase)
- New Revised Standard Version (Catholic/Orthodox)
- New World Translation (Jehovah's Witness)
- Young's Literal Translation (Not Brigham Young!)
- Hotel (Arthur Hailey)
- How To Be Born-Again (Rev. Billy Graham)
- Koran (Islam)
- Killing Jesus (Bill O'Reilly)
- Killing Lincoln (Billy O'Reilly)
- More Than A Carpenter (Josh McDowell)
- Mormon Doctrine (Bruce R. McConkie)
- No Man Knows My History (Joseph Smith Jr)
- No Spin Zone (Bill O'Reilly)
- On A Pale Horse (Piers Anthony)
- One Year Bible (KJV: Chronological Edition)
- Origin of Species/Descent of Man (Charles Darwin)
- People of the Lie (Dr. M. Scott Peck)
- Picture Bible (comics)
- Power Pack (Marvel: Comics)
- Road Less Traveled Series (Dr. M. Scott Peck)
- Satanic Bible (Anton LaVey)
- Save Me From Myself (Brian "Head" Welch)
- Science & Health With Keys to Scriptures (Christian Science)
- Spirituality For Dummies (Sharon Janis)
- Systematic Theology (Rev. Charles Finney)
- Systematic Theology (Rev. Hodge)
- This Was Your Life (Chick Track)
- The Next Step (Jack T. Chick)
- World Awaiting To Be Born (Dr. M. Scott Peck)
- Word of the Lord (Church of Christ With Elijah Message)

Favorite Movies: [alphabetical order]
- 1917 (Historical Fiction)
- 3 Ninjas (Complete Movie Series)
- 6th Sense (Haley Joel Osment)
- A.I. (Favorite Science Fiction Movie)
- Avatar (Science Fiction)
- Avenging Angels (LDS Fictional History)
- Biographies (Biography Channel)
- Clue (Movie)
- Crusades: Crescent and the Cross (History Channel)
- Clue: VHS Mystery Game I & II (Parker Brothers)
- Cowboys & Aliens (Noah Ringer)
- Dark Ages (History Channel: Documentary)
- Disney Nature Series
- African Cats (2011)
- Bears (2014)
- Born In China (2017)
- Chimpanzee (2012)
- Crimson Wing (2010)
- Earth (2009)
- Ghost of Mountain (2017)
- Growing Up Wild (2016)
- Monkey Kingdom (2015)
- Oceans (2010)
- Penguins (20015)
- Wings of Life (2011)
- Doctrine & Covenants (LDS/RLDS)
- Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Ben Stein)
- Gladiator (Historical Fiction)
- God's Army (LDS Movie)
- Good Son (Macaulay Culkin/Elijah Wood)
- Gordon B. Hinckley: Man of Integrity (LDS Movie)
- Home Alone I & II (Macaulay Culkin)
- Huck Finn (Elijah Wood)
- Indian Jones (Complete Movie Series)
- Jurassic Park/World (Complete Series)
- Last Air-Bender (Noah Ringer)
- Lord of Rings/Hobbit (Complete Series)
- Master & Commander (Historical Fiction)
- Noah (Biblical Fiction)
- No Holds Barred (WWE)
- Pay It Forward (Drama)
- Remember the Titians (True Story)
- Secret File of Marco Polo (History Channel: Documentary)
- Sicko (Michael Moore)
- Star Trek (Complete Movie Series)
- Star Wars (Complete Movie Series)

Favorite TV Shows: [alphabetical order]
- 227 (NBC)
- Amen (NBC)
- A-Team (NBC)
- Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? (FOX)
- Big Bang Theory (CBS)
- Blue Bloods: Complete Series (CBS)
- Cheers (NBC)
- Cosby Show (NBC)
- Empty Nest (NBC)
- Everyone Loves Raymond (CBS)
- Golden Girls (NBC)
- Golden Palace (NBC)
- Knight Rider (Complete Series)
- Law & Order: Complete Series (CBS)
- Monster-Quest (Documentary)
- Miami Vice (NBC)
- Mystery Files I&II (Smithsonian Channel)
- Neighborhood (CBS)
- Newhart (NBC)
- Nurses (NBC)
- Reba (CBS)
- Star Trek (Complete TV Series)
- Quantum Leap (NBC)
- Young Sheldon (CBS)

Favorite Cartoons: [alphabetical order]
- American Dragon: Jake Long (Disney)
- Avatar: Last Air-Bender (Disney)
- Ben 10 (Complete Series)
- Breadwinner, The (Favorite Cartoon Movie)
- Danny Phantom (Complete Series)
- Disney Halloween Treat (Disney)
- Kim Possible: TV/Movie (Disney)
- Legend of Kora: Complete Series (Disney)
- Smurfs (Complete Series)

Favorite Religious Leaders [alphabetical]
- Rev. Bill Bright (Four Spiritual Laws)
- Rev. Billy Graham (Christian)
- Buddha (Buddhist)
- Dali Lama (Buddhist)
- Rev. David Rhodenhizer (Calvary Road Baptist Church)
- L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology)
- Rev. Kevin Lewis (Calvary Road Christian School)
- Dr. M. Scott Peck (New Age)
- Mary Baker Eddie (Christian Science)
- Rev. Matt Slick (CARM: Christian Apologetics Research Ministry)
- Rev. Sheldon Smith (Sword of the Lord)
- Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. (Mormon)
- President Joseph Smith III (Community of Christ/RLDS)

Political Worldview
- Church & State: My theological beliefs are just some of the factors I consider when making political decisions & I also belief in moment of silence for students without forcing religion on them.
- Gay Rights: Marriage is between man and woman; but I do support civil unions with domestic partners.
- Abortion: I personally appose abortion but it should still be legal. Howbeit I do reject partial-birth and late term abortion. But in rare case where mothers life is in danger and understand late term abortion is barely acceptable.
- Immigration: I believe immigrates should be evaluated on case by case basic. I do not blame people for wanting to move to this country; but at same time it should be controlled possibly grant amnesty to those who are here.
Aug 23, 1973 (Age: 50)
Apex, NC, USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe




"God is Truth, Truth is God,"

"No one is born trash so no one should be treated as trash when they are born,"

"I am crazier than thou,"



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