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    Abortion Question?

    I attended college and I really did meet people who claimed to be Christians and made those statements so I am not lying. Whether or not they were true Christians is debatable.
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    My Life - By David Edward Oliver

    - "I hope I did not offend you. I love Jesus Christ as my personal Lord & Savior. Thank You!"
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    Did You Know?

    - "Did you know: (1) Jacob was 14 when Abraham died so Jacob knew Abraham. (2) When Joseph was sold into slavery Isaac was still alive. So most likely Jacob was crying on his fathers shoulder. (3) Methuselah died in same year as flood. (4) Adam was still alive when Methuselah was born. If you...
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    Want to Contact Jehovah's Witness?

    - "I was hoping I could speak to Jehovah's Witness so I can learn about them. I was raised Baptist but joined Community of Christ (RLDS) I have never been involved in Jehovah's Witness so I am NOT apostate. I want to hear JW side of story and tell me what they believe. I promise to be respectful...
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    The Book of Mormon?

    - "I have read The Book of Mormon three times from beginning to end. So I do have some idea about what book details. I am member Community of Christ (RLDS) and they do believe Book of Mormon; but interpretations vary from person to person. Some take book literally others that it merely contain...
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    What is Confucianism?

    - "Is Confucianism religion or philosophy? I have studied Confucius and his biography. He lived before time of Jesus Christ. When he died he believed he was failure; but if he were to see what his teaching did for world he would be shocked. I do not know condition on his soul at death, but we...
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    Why Does God Not Write His Will In Skies?

    - "I have heard Atheists complain that God does not make his will known by writing messages in skies. But this will not work. For all you know it could be aliens from another system pretending to be God because easiest way to control people in thru religion. Those messages could be aliens not...
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    Atheism & Non-Violence

    - "I am on anti-psychotic medication which keeps me relatively sane enough. I am not Holier than thou; but I crazier than thou,"
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    Prayer #1: My Mental Health

    - "I was diagnosed with paranoid-schizophrenia and depression. I am currently on anti-psychotic medication because I am crazier than thou. Please pray for me than I will find my way back to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am currently seeking Christian counseling know anyone in Apex, NC or close by...
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    Evolution of Whales?

    - "I have been told that cow are more genetically related to whales than any other creature. Does that not mean that Wales evolved from cows? And if so how could that be possible. Let know if I am right or wrong. If wrong I apologize if I am right ha ha ha I'm smarter than you are and I'm better...
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    Atheism & Non-Violence

    - "Apostle Paul contradicts gospels because he never said Jesus bodily rose from Dead. I might be wrong about that so please enlighten me to error of my ways. How else am I suppose to Learn if people don't point out my faults. I also suffer from mental illness so please bear with me as I am not...
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    Questions Which Deserve Answers?

    - "Yes! Of Course I Will. I want to hear why you have to say. How else can I learn? But still I need to thank you for responding to my questions in first place. I assume you are Christian. I am member of Community of Christ (RLDS) and I always eager to hear from other believers. I lust for...
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    Do I Exist?

    - "Sometimes I wonder if anything is real. Is God sleeping and my entire life is his dream. The Holy Bible says in God we live and move and have our being. It seems to state that since we are apart of God then whatever we endure God also endures. God is inside of us even if he don't believe it...
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    Is the Truth True?

    - "What is Truth? I have heard many answers like: 'Truth is whatever you say it is,' but if I claim to be reincarnation of Jesus Christ would that make it true? I have heard that Truth is in eye of the beholder. But that would make Truth subjective rather than objective. For some reason I have...
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    Baptism Questions?

    (1) Does it matter how you are Baptized immersion or sprinkling? (2) Should person who is Baptized in LDS Church or Jehovah's Witness need to be rebaptized to join church? (3) Community of Christ (RLDS) does not require rebaptism for new members. (4) Infant baptism in grey area would someone be...