* Completed Catholic High School
* Various religious affiliations: Southern Baptist, Calvary Chapel, Non- denominational
* Served in YWAM as missionary to Zimbabwe
* Completed Doctorate
* Career in biomedical science making vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics
* Investigated Gnosticism, Egyptian, Hermetic, and Jewish mysticism
* Harmonized the message of salvation ("Jesus") in literature with the facts of our world discovered by science (e.g. evolution, cosmogenesis)
* Resting in truth and expectantly waiting for good things to happen

«Wherefore, send me, O Father!
Seals in my hands, I will descend;
Through Æons universal will I make a Path;
Through mysteries all I’ll open up a Way!
All Forms of Gods will I display;
The Secrets of the Holy Path I will hand on,
And call them Gnosis
and hand them on»
(Naasseni Hymn, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, GRS Mead)
(Naasseni Hymn, Thrice-Greatest Hermes, GRS Mead)
The mystic in any culture usually interprets his experience in terms of the religion in which he has been reared. But if he is sufficiently sophisticated, he can throw off that religious creed and still retain his mystical consciousness. (...) The general conclusion regarding the relations between mysticism on the one hand and the area of organized religions (Christian, Buddhist, etc.) on the other is that mysticism is independent of all of them in the sense that it can exist without any of them."
(Stace, W.T. : Mysticism and Philosophy, 1960, 8.3, (Macmillan))


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