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Theism: the belief that a god exists.
Atheism: the absence or lack of the belief that any gods exist.
Weak atheism: the absence or lack of the two beliefs that (a) a god(s) exist(s) and that (b) no god exists.
Strong atheism: the belief that no gods exist.
Agnosticism: the position that it is impossible to know (as opposed to merely believe) whether or not any gods exist.
A person may thus be an agnostic theist, an agnostic atheist, an agnostic weak atheist, etc.​
Believe: hold that some statement (e.g. 'A god exists', 'No gods exist'), purporting to be factual, is true.
Know: have justified true belief of some statement purporting to be factual.
Note that this means that if you know something, you believe it; to believe something neither means nor implies that you only believe it (i.e., that you do not know it).​



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