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    Chuckles times 8

    That's some funny sh!* there bruh 🤣
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    All evos have NO idea None. Not enough education to understand no means no.

    Might be nice if you actually posted some science from Dr. Tour
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    Totalitarian left wingers fight free speech.

    Anything to the left of Ghengis Khan is a commie, or so it seems lately
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    Ken Ham butt hurt again

    Especially when said speaker is trying to describe Pigeon Chess 😉
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    Ken Ham butt hurt again

    Your post is virtually incomprehensible. It says absolutely nothing about anything. Do consider professional help...word salad can be indicative of mental disorders or an organic brain disease.
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    Ken Ham butt hurt again

    That post is complete word salad. What sort of dressing do you favor? I'm happy to ship you a case of it, in the spirit of Festivus 🙂
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    Fox airs news package debunking election fraud claims made by its own hosts

    I would say he demonstrates it for us with every thread he starts 😁
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    Junior Darwinists not mentally strong enough to combat deal breakers.

    Anyone born, or living in Darwin, Australia is going to hell , obviously 😉🤫
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    Ken Ham butt hurt again

    Poor Hammy didn't like being reminded that the modern YEC cult was born of the SDA cult.
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    chuck darwin myths

    Because that's what uneducated idiots do....
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    Local evos who are clueless about Electrophysiology which gives their fiction a heart attack

    ...and you continue to demonstrate that you have no clue about anything at all....
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    chuck darwin myths

    Pray tell, how does your decade long screed against Darwin discredit evolutionary biology? Anyone that has at least 2 brain cells rubbing together understands that it has no impact on ToE whatsoever.
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    Trump buddy, AG Barr, says no election fraud

    So much Noobers, so completely failed. SCOTUS has tossed out the lawsuit. Even the Trump appointees 🤣
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    Trump buddy, AG Barr, says no election fraud

    Frikkin hysterical 🤣