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  • Hi Matt,

    If Jesus was God, Who was this Jesus spoke of? I would post them but only allowed 420 characters here.

    John 12:49:
    John 12:44-45.

    John 5 :17
    John 5:19.
    John 6:38
    Joihn 17:2-21,
    John 16:23.
    John 14:16-17
    Matt 11:25.
    Gary Mac
    I asked the same question to another administrator and do you keep up with their replies? Straight away the reply was, I do not associate with unsaved people and could not answer my question. Is this what you teach them?
    Greeting in the Name of the Lord Jesus the Christ.. I have heard that you have a standing debate with any Oneness? I wouldn't mind discussing our respective doctrine. but I'm a "Diversified Oneness". not a Oneness as the UPC teaches, and a fews others. that's if you don't mind.

    thanks in advance.

    PICJAG, 101G.
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