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    Question for fellow non-Calvinists

    You're going to love Oden's historical four-fold Trinity formation. The clearest way to establish that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Spirit is God is by a classical fourfold exegetical procedure that shows how in Scripture; (a) each Person (Father, Son, Spirit) is distinguishably...
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    Youtube Apologetics.

    Leighton Flowers is a Southern Baptist and a pelagian. He assumes that man, apart from grace can approach God and his kingdom and actively rejects the idea that grace can be instrumentally conveyed through Bible reading—but also asserts that hearing the gospel can bring people to faith and...
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    Question for fellow non-Calvinists

    Thomas C Oden (d 2016) is a monster in historical theology and currently offers the best "Arminian" systematic. I say "Arminian," because he works within historical theology and has zero axes to grind against C theology, but his systematic effectively makes the case through Scripture and the...