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    Alex Jones lays it out...plain and clear.

    You’re convinced, ok. I can’t change your mind, but what if you’re wrong? Would it bother you if you convinced many people and it was just a conspiracy theory like chem trails or Qanon claims that never happen? It’s a serious question.
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    Alex Jones lays it out...plain and clear.

    How can you find a vaccine a year before covid hit? Are you thinking about an earlier version of flu?
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    Origin of christianity

    Your thinking.... not just the two options. the followers of Ebion are an example of others. Sure. We see in scripture Jews who only heard of John the Baptist and His Gospel, were baptized and followed a repentance and supposedly strict Judaism because we aren't too sure about what John taught...
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    Greeting Newcomer

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    Hi! Finally got back in here!

    I remember that name as a positive one. Hi!
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    Radicalizing trend causing divisions in Churches

    My Pastor is helping us to keep a Christ centered view of social justice. Are you seeing rightwing media losing focus on Christ as well?