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    Weaponized Content

    What they mean is mothers still carrying their unborn in the womb who took the shot and fetuses are dying in the first trimester. Not saying there's no problems with the vaccines but if this were true of 9 out of 10 (of mothers vaccinated) their babies were dying in the womb we would hear about...
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    Trump impersonator kills a woman

    Here's actor John Schneider revealing why this should NEVER, ever have happened. He even shows a Prop gun and takes it apart to show one has it works.
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    Weaponized Content

    Perhaps but NOT with this thing you've put down. You've put down a claim that 9 out of 10 babies are dying (in the first trimester) of people who have taken a vaccine. Being close to a year out now since vaccinations have started that just can't be true. Can't be. I don't watch Fox, CNN or...
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    Weaponized Content

    I won't claim there isn't problems at all with vaccines. But how can this one thing here really be true. Millions upon million and millions have taken the vaccine, one type or another and 9 babies out of 10 babies are dying? How could that be true. Seems to me CC you'd be hearing about it...
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    Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dead from

    If this can really be proven to be true across the board all throughout the nation it'd probably convince many to get vaccinated. You might say that's what the data is but people have questions about those who compile the data. The just don't trust them. What you'd almost need to have is an...
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    Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dead from

    Could be though they really were willing to have faith in what the vaccine companies produced but weren't willing to express it until after the election. Anything to make Trump looked like he failed. After Trump was gone they showed their true colors. I mean they had to know that a U.S...
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    Sweden and Denmark; Moderna ; HALTING vaccinations for those under 30-years-old due to possible side effects. This

    Just the Moderna one?! What do you mean JUST the Moderna one? So what if it's just the Moderna one that has been given out to millions and millions. So you're acknolwedging that evidence is maybe showing it has problems BUT it was told to be fine and safe and well now....they're taking it off...
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    More than 500,000 adverse events reported after COVID vaccines, from temps to neuropathy

    You think that'd be the way it should be right? To stand on the side of caution.
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    More Vaccinations, more COVID ... Why are cases exploding in areas of High Vaccination Rates?

    OK I think you can argue it's disingenuous on one level by adding the 14 days allowance and not telling people that. They are lying as they might be vaxed. In terms of it being a fair allowance, in considering their point if I was an empire I'd judge it as so. What would be totally unreasonable...
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    More Vaccinations, more COVID ... Why are cases exploding in areas of High Vaccination Rates?

    I'm very much concerned what stories aren't in the papers as well that is the stories of people who claim with it seems convincing arguments that vaccines have caused them major problems. Some of tried to tell their stories in social media....their posts are deleted. Three nurses I saw...
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    More Vaccinations, more COVID ... Why are cases exploding in areas of High Vaccination Rates?

    I'm curious. Have you EVER watched the testimonies of those who claim they've had serious not so good reactions from vaccines? Do you conclude they're wrong and shut your mind off anything they have to say?
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    More Vaccinations, more COVID ... Why are cases exploding in areas of High Vaccination Rates?

    So why should we believing this? It does seem rather strange that one can call up ICU one who has no business making such a call to hospital floor and have a nurse disclosing internal goings on. Seems like their first statement would be who are you and do you have a loved one on our floor. You...
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    wof and living 120 years

    Well if Ken Copeland lives to 120 the grandchildren of his critics will probably say he only made it to 119.
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    Re: BT's, "Does God Love Me," thread?

    That's Calvinistic theology. Most of Christendom doesn't go with statements made just like this.