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    Debate: Trent Horn vs Steve Christie (Marian dogmas)

    Praying to anyone other than God is a form of worship and that makes it idolatry.
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    Just like the Episcopal Church that uses the book of common prayer as their bible. Churches that dont have bibles in their churches and use them should bring up a red flag. How else can one confirm the Word of God without the Bible.
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    I was correcting the fact that you said the priest was holding up the bible which it wasnt. Like I said I never saw a bible in any Catholic Church I ever attended.
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    Pelosi Banned from Communion… Finally!

    How is it a sin for one but not the other?. The only difference is the office.
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    Lectionary is not the bible . A Lectionary is composed of the readings and the responsorial psalm assigned for each Mass of the year (Sundays, weekdays, and special occasions). The readings are divided by the day or the theme (baptism, marriage, vocations, etc.) rather than according to the...
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    If a was a betting man I would bet that he is reading out of the lectionary not the bible. Never saw a bible in any catholic church I ever attended.
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    They are not basically the same. Any church that doesnt have bibles in their church is being controlled by a religious spirit. That is definitely a red flag.Episcopal churches are also guilty along with others.
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    The Bible is the book that gives you basic instruction before leaving earth. The missle is the rocket that catholics think will take them into heaven.:D
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    God 'accepts decisions of man'?

    The Word does say that in Heaven we will all be in one Accord.:D
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    Was the 2nd Person of the Trinity always the Son of God?

    Mary was a vessel that God used to present to the world the perfect sin offering Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh. Jesus was the Creator of our universe.
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    The Exploitation of Scapulars in the Roman Catholic Church

    Why are not these issued to every fireman in the world?. These scapulars would save million of souls. Or are they out there to scalp those souls?WHOSOEVER DIES CLOTHED IN THIS SCAPUALR SHALL NOT SUFFER ETERNAL FIRE.
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    They probably would think that Jesus would ask if there is room at the table. :D
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    Rock star?

    You mean was rewritten by Catholics. Alot of omissions to justify their beliefs.
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    Why Does Virgin Mary Especially Love the Roman Catholic Souls in Purgatory?

    Its hard to tell the difference between a fact and a joke with catholics.
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    Why Does Virgin Mary Especially Love the Roman Catholic Souls in Purgatory?

    I can guarantee you that Mary will not save you. John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”