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  • Theo. I just joined the Greek diagramming site because I knew you go there at times. Could you message me from there, please? My handle is the same.

    More Christians should file a report
    Please flag Zerinius. He set us up to permit him to discuss Mormonism by first criticizing Calvinism. I already did it, so the more who complain via flags the more times the mods will see it.
    When anyone brings up the fact that he is Mormon, he considers that as an opportunity to "legitimately" bring Mormonism into the discussion
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    I just noticed that Z hasn't posted in about a month.
    John t
    Yep. He did it to me, and I reported him for it. As i see things, it is not Calvinism which is his "permission trigger". Instead, every time we mention Mormonism teaching, that is his "justification" to bring up the teachings about Mormonism. He is a very clever troll.

    Since I could not find him in the "find member inquiry", I think his account has been deactivated
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