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    The reason the climate science hot shot models fail, they don't understand science

    Take 102 models and look how not a single one comes close to accurate. Dr Christie is a threat to the karbon shamen. The CARM influencers are angry and wrong. The real science is a threat to the carbon hoi polloi gravy trains. Take a rational simple example. They 'say" the climate is...
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    CNN Fake News supply chain derailed

    CNN’s on-going effort to cut costs resulted in widespread layoffs on Thursday with everyone from high-profile talent to rank-and-file staffers losing their jobs. The often-viral Chris Cillizza is perhaps the most high-profile of the latest round of CNN staffers to be let go. Cillizza, a...
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    Thanksgiving a religious holiday. Amen

    What are you thankful for? I grew up in a rural area with 2 rural Mennonite Churches and a H.S. 12 miles from town. We had church on Thanksgiving. We had a harvest and Missions weekend festival before that where we could share our crops and fund Missionaries. on a different week, we had a...
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    GOP enough wins to flip the House;

    The Biden crime family investigations begin. Lot of evidence and even more with FTX Disgraced FTX Founder Donated To Six RINOs Who Voted To Impeach Trump
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    "Your rules forces all women to undergo pregnancy and abortion whether they want to or not."

    The left can't define "woman" Can the left define "all"? all means all. Unless we introduce standard left winger word games. Warning to virgins. This is a popular example of how leftists fabricate and misquote into a strawman. Where was having sex forced?
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    Jimmy Fallon with Dolly Parton - Almost Too Early For Christmas

    "Haterz will say that we are wrong." All the Halloween Candy is sold and now Christmas candy
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    Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins Election For Governor in Arkansas

    She is a feminist Like Proverbs 31 winner. The opposite of the cruel nasty Peelosis, whitmer, Jacinda Ardern, types
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    Now the Disgraced COVID 'Experts' Want 'Amnesty'?

    In her recent article in The Atlantic, a Brown University professor, Emily Oster, is calling for "pandemic amnesty." She is telling me to "forgive and forget" everyone who was yelling obscenities at me for not wearing a mask in a public park or calling me a mass murderer for posting a picture...
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    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Sunday tested positive for Covid AGAIN in a ‘rebound case’ after taking Paxlovid. Rebound case. Her protocols failed twice. Folks we have a snake oil sales champion.
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    One of our local high profile leftists pushes conspiracy theories when he doesn't argue facts. The Pelossis attacker posts

    Fake News tells us the attacker was a right winger. They quote web sites to support their claims. Problem is the websites were created in the last couple of days and have already disappeared...
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    Based on fauchees lies and his responses that displayed dishonesty, Feb 2020 he convinced me he was a liar

    Now we have more video reports confirming so much more deception and dishonesty. Fake News remains closed lip. GWP. Reminder the thug gets kickbacks from Pharma. Did in investigate the clot shot lack of effectiveness in spreading...
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    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky tests positive for COVID-19 month after getting updated booster shot. Quack alert

    She updated her booster placebo last month. None of the infected clowns miss the opportunity to insist it "would have been worse" if they had not taken clot snot. None can explain why majority were asymptomatic before the first shots were introduced...
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    The fascist tyrant in Canada orders total ban on handgun sales. TroooDolt

    Drug dealers and felons celebrate.
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    A tribute to Git R done. Refreshing to see MAGA in action done/ Keep the gubment D.C. out of the way. Biden "where's Jackie"? Pot hole Pete? Also MIA...
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    Dr. Tour EXPOSES the False Science Behind Origin of Life Research

    False Science Abiogenesis is a deal breaker. EvoStory killer. All the chemical reactions decompose. D-ribose has a half life of 5 hours. For example.
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    Canadian doctor deaths under age 40 are already 5-fold higher in 2022 compared to the 2019-2020 average, Fully boostered.

    Canadian doctor deaths under age 40 are already 5-fold higher in 2022 compared to the 2019-2020 average, and Canadian doctor deaths under age 30 are 8-fold higher...
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    Darweenie conspiracy theory in evolution of the heart.

    Starting off without heart fossils. 2,3,4 chamber designs. No species displaying transition Not a lick of credentials in cardiology and electrophysiology Evolution of a vascular and circulation system is a mental construct. Any changes in a heart, end up in a deadly heart attack...
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    Enter into HIS courts with thanks giving and praise

    This is what we see going to Church
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    Hurricane Ian: The Road Less Traveled to Sanibel Island is now open.

    Gator ingenuity. Tell American workers they can't do something, and consider it done. Hard workers Strong engineers Great Governor For the record I predicted somehow people would be driving to the Island before end of this month. DeSantis explains the convoy now able to travel on Sanibel...
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    Alberta break thru? New premier decries ugly discrimination? Fire Alberta health services suits?

    Newly Sworn In Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Says Unvaxxed People the ‘Most Discriminated Against Group that I’ve Ever Witnessed in my Lifetime’ I remember the courts said shutting down the Church was illegal act. Our local Justin-Drone supported it. Our Human rights violations. TrooDolt...