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  1. Bob Carabbio

    So much for political "Prophets" -

    I trust that we've seen the TRUE NATURE of the "TV Prophets" in relationship to the continuation of the TRUMP Presidency after Jan 20th. The Biblical TEST of a prophet is whether or not what they SAY comes to pass. It should be obvious now that they DID NOT hear from God, and that their words...
  2. Bob Carabbio

    Just to get things started normally -

    A: Tongues are PHONY!! B: No they're not A: yes they are B; NO THEY'RE NOT!! A: YES THEY ARE!! C: and they're probably DEMONIC B: NO THEY'RE NOT!! A: Sure they are!! ALL that "Miraculous stuff" ended when the Bible was published - 1 Cor 13:10 B: Ridiculous!! 1 Cor 13:10 has nothing to do with...
  3. Bob Carabbio

    Here we go again -

    Let's see how this one goes.