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  1. Terry43

    Does man have a free will ?

    You can only choose from what is available to you
  2. Terry43

    Does man have a free will ?

    We only have choices that were given to us by God..
  3. Terry43

    Does man have a free will ?

    There seems so much emphasis on free will, but it is no where taught in the scriptures .
  4. Terry43

    The libertarian free will dilemma

    God does not love all men ..there are men God hates
  5. Terry43

    Was Paul the Thirteenth Apostle of Jesus?

    Paul was Gods choice to replace Judas, keeping the number at 12
  6. Terry43

    What is "freewill"?

    Just what can you really choose?
  7. Terry43

    What is "freewill"?

    I do not believe in "free will "
  8. Terry43

    Does man have the power to limit the work of God?

    Because God knows all lthings He knows what will result of withholding His intervention His non action is an action
  9. Terry43

    Did Jesus claim to be God?

    Indeed, His "I am " statement was understood by those that heard Him... that is the claim that led to the crucification for blasphamy
  10. Terry43

    Preaching from the apocrypha

    Are they infallible ?
  11. Terry43

    Arminian confusion

    Who will come?
  12. Terry43

    NO Salvation Outside of the Roman Catholic Church!

    Taught that by the Francisicans as well
  13. Terry43


    So the cross wasnt enough?
  14. Terry43


    Just wondering where we find that anywhere in the scriptures.. .
  15. Terry43


    If one does not complete their penance are they forgiven anyway?
  16. Terry43

    Why I focus on the Real Presence of Christ found only in HIS Church

    What makes you believe that Rome was the chirch that Christ founded?
  17. Terry43

    A lot of Catholics do not use Catholicism "properly".. self included

    Are you refering to the crackers in the "tabernacle"?
  18. Terry43

    NO Salvation Outside of the Roman Catholic Church!

    The OT says sin is passed on by the father