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  1. RayneBeau

    Thanks . . . . . But, No Thanks

    When presented with the Gospel, often times many Roman Catholics will quickly respond by saying, ""I don't need to be 'born again,' I'm a Roman Catholic." The reason for this learned response is that having been baptized as infants, they are raised to believe they already are Christians and that...
  2. RayneBeau

    Could Transubstantion be true?

    Agreed! That must be why the Roman Catholic Church chooses to refer to the "Mass" as a mystery and thereby excuses itself from being able to explain the doctrine of transubstantiation both biblically and rationally. However, the BIble never refers to Communion as a mystery, nor should we...
  3. RayneBeau

    The Catholic "Sola"

    Oh yeah - and how about that truckload of eternal consequences we would suffer if we didn't follow the RCC method of salvation. As a "saved from Roman Catholicism" believer in Christ Jesus and His Word, I can clearly say that the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist is contrary to God's...
  4. RayneBeau

    What is the salvific effect of the Cross?

    Yeah!!! Furthermore, in Holy Scripture, we NEVER find mention of bread or wine as a sacrifice. And, at the Last Supper, the Lord took bread and wine at a table, not on an ALTAR. In the Bible, sacrifices were made on an altar, and God commanded the Jews that there was to be only one altar...
  5. RayneBeau

    What is the salvific effect of the Cross?

    What the Roman Church of Catholicism teaches is that the Eucharist is an unbloody sacrifice in which Jesus Christ is actually immolated or offered as the victim. The term Host is derived from the Latin word for victim. Therefore the offering of the Host is the perpetuation of the sacrifice of...
  6. RayneBeau

    What's the Mystery?

    Amen! And I find it strange also how Roman Catholics will try to point to reports of "Eucharistic miracles" as evidence that the consecrated host is the literal body and blood of Christ. However, God Himself warns us of such deception occuring in the last days, through His own Words in Scripture...
  7. RayneBeau

    I once heard a Catholic priest say.....

    When a Roman Catholic priest consecrates the Host nothing at all happens! When a Roman Catholic priest consecrates the bread, nothing happens, it still looks just exactly like bread. When a Roman Catholic priest consecrates the Host, nothing happens, it still smells just exactly like bread...
  8. RayneBeau

    One Spirit

    What is there to question, dingoling? Jesus Christ is the "truth." End of discussion.
  9. RayneBeau

    When Jesus Christ Returns . . . .

    Why are Roman Catholics always insulted by the Truth?
  10. RayneBeau

    When Jesus Christ Returns . . . .

    And so, what is your answer to the OP question?
  11. RayneBeau

    When Jesus Christ Returns . . . .

    When Jesus Christ returns to earth, will He return in the form of a Roman Catholic consecrated transubstantiated wafer?
  12. RayneBeau

    Setting Argumentive Things Aside

    Hi Ray, Roman Catholics are not focused on Jesus's command of: "spreading the gospel of Christ," their sole focus is on "spreading the gospel of Roman Catholicism." Their interest is undoubtedly in regards to their importance of the Eucharist as their focal point of evangelization, and it is...
  13. RayneBeau

    Is Mary a "Savior"?

    Seems that Mary did not want Jesus creating perhaps a negative 'public' perception of Himself by what He did, and what He taught, and who he "hung out with." It was all a big issue for Mary and she and His brothers wanted Him to remove Himself from the crowd, or to be removed by them. Funny how...
  14. RayneBeau

    Jesus is not literally in the bread and wine

    To be a "Christian" according to the Roman Catholic tradition, transubstantiation must be embraced fully and completely. After reading that load of Roman Catholic hooey, I read this Knights of Columbus propaganda: Often at weddings, funerals and other religious occasions where those who do not...
  15. RayneBeau

    Baltimore Catechism

    So was it the Baltimore Catechism that for many years led millions of innocent children and adults to believe the blatant lie that the Roman Catholic Church was the absolute final authority of their faith, and that no one had any right to question its teaching? The Roman Catholic Church 'system'...
  16. RayneBeau

    Baltimore Catechism

    AMEN! I wonder what her Roman Catholic spin is on the Inquisition and "the conditions of the times," where Roman Catholic "Inquisitors" would carry out the orders of the Roman Catholic Church and satanically slaughter, rape, torture, and mentally, physically and emotionally dehumanize in every...
  17. RayneBeau

    Losing Salvation

    I didn't ask what your personal 'speculation' was, I asked what the RCC teaching is on that question.
  18. RayneBeau

    Losing Salvation

    🤣 🤣😂
  19. RayneBeau

    water springing up into everlasting life

    Wow! I was just in a study about this awesome passage in John recently, where Jesus stood up in Jerusalem while water was being poured out at the Feast of Tabernacles, and said, "If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink . . . living water."