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  1. Son Of Saxon

    RCMP writes strong letter upon being put on Leave without pay. Read this. Ask yourself why a healthy 22 year experience federal Constable should lose his job...sorry be put on leave without pay for an ineffective vaccine (if you think it's...
  2. Son Of Saxon

    Ontario Mayor calling out Hospital and Provincial Health Lies. Oh ... And Boonie... We all knew this FYI...kinda like the still births that you keep waiting for CNN and MSNBC to tell you about.....which are actually happening still.... Nurses have...
  3. Son Of Saxon

    Omicron prefers vaccinated

    The WHO says the Vaccinated spread Omicron. Better get that...oh wait they still do it with the booster....hmmmm
  4. Son Of Saxon

    Canadians Speak out "we are not misinformation" Watch Video in link.
  5. Son Of Saxon

    Get those kids for muloch

    But CNN experts said Kids are dangerous death spreaders .....and if they don't get vaccinated my Vax pass is useless ....-Todays "parents"
  6. Son Of Saxon

    But my TV

    Mainstream media said:
  7. Son Of Saxon

    What have you done for your Country

    Lots of people think taking the Jab is the same as storming the beaches at Omaha and Juno . What are things you can say for sure that you did for your country?
  8. Son Of Saxon

    Children don't need Jabs

    Why? The Lancet ..
  9. Son Of Saxon

    Safe and effective

    Scroll down to the endless videos..
  10. Son Of Saxon

    MPPs starting to fight back in Ontario

    The response from the health minister is boilerplate. Roman Baber (vaccinated) crushes the debate.
  11. Son Of Saxon

    Ok Covidans shut it.

    Seems to be a lot of people on here who are in fear of a 1% chance of dying from Covid. Allow some Data from Renowned Medical Journal the Lancet to do what your "faith" in Christ hasn't allowed end your fear. I'd love to know why this is wrong...
  12. Son Of Saxon

    Youtube Apologetics.

    Hello I was hoping we could share some of the Christian.YouTubers .specifically ones who represent their /your Theology. I will list a few I listen to and my opinion. Ryan Reeves - Reformed, excellent church History Dr. Jordan Cooper - Lutheran, Excellent for learning Lutheran Theology as...