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  1. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    So, to be clear, you are quite content for private businesses to enforce a rule saying that you cannot come in and eat here if you are not wearing a tie, but you are not content if the rule is that you must wear a mask? How is protecting the health of staff and other customers, "medical...
  2. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    What injury is prevented by enforcing a "no jeans or sneakers" policy? Or a "men must wear a tie" policy? You are talking through your backside and the desperation is showing.
  3. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    No, I'm not just being contrary. You are just wrong.
  4. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    No, you don't have a clue what I'm saying. Masks help stop other people catching your germs. They don't make your germs worse. That's all you need to know. If you care for or respect, or just want to give the appearance of being caring and respectful of other people, you will wear a mask. If...
  5. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    Pathogens are not the same thing as toxic waste. Which is beside the point. Breathing is not a method of expelling dangerous elements from your body. Most of what you breathe out, remains inside. If what you are breathing out is dangerous then breathing out is not going to help you, mask or not.
  6. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    You don't breath out toxic waste. Neither are your lungs so efficient that they empty at each breath. Around 80% of what is in your lungs, stays in your lungs for each breath. Wearing a mask does not alter this. Carbon dioxide doesn't do you any harm either. What causes hatis a lowered...
  7. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    How often is changing your underwear enough? Good grief do you need instructions for everything? The medical authorities, who are the ones qualified to know, give guidance. If you don't believe them, make your own mind up. You can't have it both ways. If masks are filtering out huge...
  8. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    Well don't complain that wearing a mask is like wearing dirty underwear, if you cannot be bothered to change it for clean. It's not as if you have to disrobe to do it. Dirty masks are a complete non-issue. If it's dirty, change it for a clean one. It's easier than changing a nappy. Sorry...
  9. Temujin

    Which have more intrinsic animosity toward Jesus' Saints; Jews, atheists or Muslims?

    I'm sure that the UN thinks that your posts are examples of pretty lousy ideas also. The difference is that the UN has standing in international law. You do not.
  10. Temujin

    Christian persecuted...

    Why wear dirty underwear at all? Most people change their underwear, and their masks, for clean items at regular intervals. If I'm out all day in a mask, I will take at least three changes. What is so difficult about this?
  11. Temujin

    Wokeism is the new religion.

    As have you.
  12. Temujin

    Wokeism is the new religion.

    There is also no safe dose of kneeling on a person's neck. It's irrelevant whether Floyd was drugged or medically vulnerable. You take the victim as you find them. Chauvin was reckless regarding any vulnerabilities in Floyd. He used unauthorised techniques and continued to apply them as his...
  13. Temujin

    Why America Sucks At Everything

    This is exactly the model from which the British National Health Service was formed. Countries with "socialized medicine" are just a group of people who share medical expenses. We don't pay premiums. We pay a fair share, depending on our income, determined objectively, and pool that money to...
  14. Temujin

    Darwinism/evolutionism. Biggest April Fool's joke ever invented.

    Like all the other Easter traditions, including the very name of Easter; from the Celtic hare goddess Eostre.
  15. Temujin

    How the abortion movement started with deceit and lies--Dr Nathanson

    You will just have to soldier on by yourself.
  16. Temujin

    H mom claim The only way to remove a fetus at 17 weeks is called "abortion."

    How very third world. In advanced countries we have specialist technicians to sterilise and prepare equipment. But then, our health service is not dominated by the profit motive.
  17. Temujin

    Fao Chi Min lies on CNN yesterday. Fact Checkers asleep

    Haven't you? Why not? You've claimed to be a member of every other profession.
  18. Temujin


    What is it about Trump's moral character that makes you think he would break with a friend because the friend was hitting on young women?
  19. Temujin

    Can Science Tell Me if There is Cold Pizza in My Refrigerator?

    How does he, or you, know what he is asserting?
  20. Temujin

    The bad leftist bad ideologies and bad behaviors use false analogies, false justifications and false pretexts to try to justify bad behaviors. Why....

    They have certainly changed some people into a newt. Which explains why some think such stupid things.