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  1. squirrelyguy

     Thoughts on Trump, Hillary, and corruption.

    The President has the power to fire at will any political appointee, which includes the Attorney General. The only federal employees that he cannot fire at will are competitive service employees, or employees of the legislative or judicial branches. If that's not real power, I don't know what...
  2. squirrelyguy

     Thoughts on Trump, Hillary, and corruption.

    And those powerful people were even in Trump's DOJ? Why didn't he fire them and appoint others?
  3. squirrelyguy

     U.S. Army birthday...

    I remember in AIT when I walked into the DFAC one hot day in June and saw it decked out like Thanksgiving. I could not fathom what the occasion might be, then I was informed that June 14th is Flag Day, or the Army's birthday. I would take any reason for the chowhall to go above and beyond.
  4. squirrelyguy

     Thoughts on Trump, Hillary, and corruption.

    For the Trump enthusiasts who are certain that Hillary is corrupt but Trump isn't, let me ask you this: why didn't Trump's DOJ ever prosecute Hillary? Did they lack a case? Did they lack the political will? If they lacked political will, did Trump also lack the political will to demand that...
  5. squirrelyguy

     Thinking through the Trump defense re: classified documents

    Let's suppose that you or I are government employees with a security clearance, and we are charged with sharing classified information on the internet. After we are convicted, it is discovered that the classified information we shared happened to be Trump's bathroom at the time we shared it on...
  6. squirrelyguy

     2020 election officials and Trump voters agree the election was stolen

    If the Democratic machine in Georgia was capable of perpetrating the kind of mass voter fraud that these conspiracy theories claim, then Stacey Abrams would definitely be their governor today. There's no way they would have let her lose twice to Brian Kemp if they had the ability to change the...
  7. squirrelyguy

     Now that Lindsey Graham and Vladimir Putin have called for each other's assassination…

    I find it difficult to understand why anyone would believe that. Putin began his career as a KGB man during the Cold War in the 1970s and only abandoned communism in response to the coup against Mikhail Gorbechev in 1991. Do you really think a man of his pedigree would inwardly renounce those...
  8. squirrelyguy

     Should we extradite Senator Lindsey Graham to Russia?

    FWIW I used to be in the Army, went to Iraq, and was discharged because I became a conscientious objector. So I don't believe in any war for any reason; at least not the kind of war that is fought with swords, guns, and/or bombs. My desire is that God would cause the weapons of both sides in...
  9. squirrelyguy

     Should we extradite Senator Lindsey Graham to Russia?

    "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." This was said in jest of course; but Lindsey Graham's comments could be taken with similar levity. I personally don't think either comment was...
  10. squirrelyguy

     Chick-fil-A bends the knee to DEI - Will they go the way of Bud Light?

    I will never boycott Chick-fil-A based on the demands of some amorphous online mob. Besides, is there another fast food chain that more closely aligns with my values than CFA does? Would getting my fried chicken sandwiches from Popeyes or Bojangles' make me less woke? CFA beats the breaks off...
  11. squirrelyguy

     Ban adulterers from public office.

    Well I don't believe in voting, so maybe some would think that makes me an anarchist by default; but no, I don't consider myself an anarchist.
  12. squirrelyguy

     Ban adulterers from public office.

    I'll go for that one too. No stoners in public office seems like sound wisdom to me.
  13. squirrelyguy

     Ban adulterers from public office.

    King David does get cited a lot as proof that somehow a person can be an adulterer and yet be trusted to hold public office. The irony is that King David proves the need for the prohibition.
  14. squirrelyguy

     Ban adulterers from public office.

    My hot take: anyone who has been proven to have cheated on his/her spouse should be prohibited by law from ever holding public office. If you'll cheat on your spouse then you'll take bribes too. Here I stand.
  15. squirrelyguy

     DeSantis Is in

    "the epitome of squeaky-clean" Have you even watched anything Disney has made in the past 30 years? I mean it's not all bad, but some of the more recent stuff is morally abhorrent. I don't see how any company which aggressively markets homosexuality to children can ever, in any sense, be...
  16. squirrelyguy

     The Notion that Unregenerate Men Can Believe the Gospel on Their Own is Foolishness ...

    How does 1 John 1:8-10 disprove 1 John 3:9? Isn't it obvious that what John is saying is that, prior to becoming regenerate, we couldn't help but sin; but that after a person becomes "born of God" he becomes incapable of sinning? If you identify the hermeneutical fallacy that I just used, then...
  17. squirrelyguy

     The Notion that Unregenerate Men Can Believe the Gospel on Their Own is Foolishness ...

    Well it isn't quite as clear as you make it out to be. Three times in the following verses, Paul calls the Corinthian church "carnal." "And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until...
  18. squirrelyguy

     The Notion that Unregenerate Men Can Believe the Gospel on Their Own is Foolishness ...

    Aw come on. If I were so inclined I could use that same hermeneutic to prove that you aren't even a Christian if you sin even one time after you claim to have been converted. "Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of...
  19. squirrelyguy

     Tim Scott for President?

    If DeSantis gets the nomination then he can't pick Rubio as his VP, since the Constitution doesn't permit both the President and Vice-President to be from the same state. For that matter, Trump can't pick Rubio for the same reason.
  20. squirrelyguy

     Is the wicked evil wrongful foul vile base corrupt dishonest unprincipled deceitful unscrupulous lying tyrannical totalitarian unholy sinful atheist

    I was about to make a comment about the use of SIXTEEN adjectives in the subject line and about how that must be a new record for anyone on this board; but now I'm in on the joke, so I'm good. You actually do speak English as your first language.