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  1. Thistle

    What do you know? More than half of white liberal women > 30 ARE nuts! First point: don't shoot the messenger. Second point: does this suggest any causation?
  2. Thistle

    Nearly 2/3 of Americans believe the major news outlets print stories they know are false for political reasons

    "Seventy-two percent of Americans believe "traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading," according to a new poll from Axios and SurveyMonkey released on Thursday. The poll of nearly 4,000 adults shows that 92 percent of Republicans and...
  3. Thistle

    For those who say there's no such thing as cancel culture

    Stop the madness!
  4. Thistle

    Hunter Biden gives master class in how not to lie!

    So if you want to tell a whopper start with this and do everything the opposite way.
  5. Thistle

    before you laugh off Communism consider . . .

    We've laughed off communism before!
  6. Thistle

    Mike Lindell sues Dominion for 1.6 Billion So two can play that game. Predictions?
  7. Thistle

    George Washington and slaves

    I had not heard this bit of history presented this way. Any reactions?
  8. Thistle

    Antifa, BLM, go ahead make my day

    Law and order: good or bad?
  9. Thistle

    In Defense of Censorship

  10. Thistle

    If you forgotten why we stand…

    If you've forgotten why we stand… perhaps a Scotsman can explain it to you.
  11. Thistle

    Prophetic warning of 2021

  12. Thistle

    Vaccine no politics

    Vaccine no politics
  13. Thistle

    Privatizing the end of liberty

    Dan Prof raises an interesting question to all of my very good libertarian friends, is it okay to be compeled to give up your liberty in the case where the effort has been privatized to public companies...
  14. Thistle

    Why Biden doesn't need a lot of press conferences

    In Joe Biden's recent press conference he started by suggesting there's no problem at the border. Then he stated, there is a problem, but he inherited it from the Trump administration. And finally he concluded, yes he change the policy, and he's not going to apologize! For most politicians to...
  15. Thistle

    North Korea challenges Biden Administration after weak showing with China.

    After the Biden administration permitted China to equate BLM with Uighur concentration camps, North Korea has returned to their former policy of firing missiles into the sea of Japan. Weakness is provocative, and it hurts American security significantly...
  16. Thistle

    Woman shoots cop rather than obey lawful orders

    This is hard to watch If you believe a police officer has violated your rights in some way, hire a lawyer, don't fight him.
  17. Thistle

    If you hate Trump its probably not your fault

    You've been misinformed.
  18. Thistle

    John F. Kennedy said let's put a man on the moon this decade. Joe . . .

    John F. Kennedy said let's put a man on the moon this decade. Joe Biden said let's put a burger on a bun by July 4th. Joe Biden's speech was the most inspiring thing since Jimmy Carter outlined the malaise of our time. Who believes we will be able to put a burger on a bun by July 4th?