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    Why does change mean random mutations?

    When a video game designer programs artificial intelligence, the programmer codes the AI to change tactics according to specific circumstances. Thus, changes are due to intelligent design programs when referring to video game design. The same occurs within genetic code. Humans change skin...
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    Law of Proper Alignment

    The Law of Proper Alignment states that if there is a proper alignment for something or some being, then this something or some being has a designer. Some examples of proper alignment are putting batteries into a controller. If the + is connected to the positive charge of the battery and the -...
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    Interesting revelation

    The main goal of a Christian is to help deceived people to reject their deception and accept the truth. For instance, it is hard to help evolution promoters to understand that it is possible for an intelligent designer to have the ability to create beings that are 90%, 92%, 95%, 98%, or even...