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    Dog chases ambulance as it takes it's owner to the hospital.

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    How could there be light on day one when the sun is not created until day four?

    Genesis 1:1-3 – Is the passage a sequence of events or a summary? _______________________________________________________________________ “How could there be light on day one when the sun is not created until day four?” [1] Biblically, the first creation day was set in motion with God saying...
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    Term Limits for the U.S. Congress

    Legislators in the Louisiana house just approved the Term Limits Convention. 65 to 24!!! This means FOUR more states are now on verge of officially bypassing Congress and calling the Term Limits Convention. Louisiana Tennessee Georgia and North Carolina _______ "...the Term Limits...
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    Black hole jets and their role in the cosmos

    A jet spiral emanating from M87's supermassive black hole is being investigated using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). Physicists using the data from the EHT are currently working to resolve two rival theoretical versions of spiral jets developed over decades in hundreds of computer...
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    BLM " We organize against colonialism, capitalism, imperialism, and all intersections of oppression."

    Of course Black Lives Matter. Why would a thinking person arrive at a different conclusion? However, the BLM movement that employs this well-meaning concept has another agenda altogether. Apparently, the BLM organizes against: - the Americas - Australia - New Zealand - Israel - Indonesia and...
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    If Miami was attacked by Hamas as Tel Aviv is today the United States would...

    - strike back then negotiate - negotiate and talk about potential military options - surrender and give them trillions in compensation and rewrite history according to Hamas's ( Islamic Jihad's ) wishes - invade and create a new state next to Jerusalem
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    The Misinformation Weapon

    The Misinformation Weapon It spreads through bad actors for high internet clicks and advertising revenue It spreads through sharing simply because it’s interesting or surprising It spreads because it aligns with values making it more likely to share and it further provides self-insulating...
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    If you are a woman, you can't do this.

    Then again:
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    Lab-made embryos produced by combining human and monkey cells

    The ethics of using laboratory-produced chimeras using different species presents a question concerning the moral status of properly distinguishing between a Homo sapiens or a new species that is currently used for research. "Some fear the introduction of animal cytoplasm into the human body...
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    Geologic uplift and folding

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    The temperature of the current Cold War is noticeably warming up.

    On the Cyber Front: - Russian Hackers considered to be the IT equivalent of sleeper agent status, have compromised the police, water, energy, city governance, airport networks, Treasury, and Commerce departments. Behind the quietly lurking breaches is a state-backed entity known as"Berserk...
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    He is Risen!

    He is risen, indeed. Happy Easter!
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    Hanged on a tree

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    Imperial Units
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    Prototype testing on Mars

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    What is the difference between evolution and evolutionism?

    "The term evolution is widely used, but the term evolutionism is not used in the scientific community to refer to evolutionary biology as it is redundant and anachronistic. However, the term has been used by creationists in discussing the creation–evolution controversy." - additional details: a...
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    Why do planets orbit in ellipses?

    They orbit in ellipses because,
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    In case you missed pi day:

    precision -
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    A New Space Observatory

    Even while working through a gauntlet of imposing and exceedingly costly technical problems for many years including the recent COVID-19 slowdown, Northrop Grumman's tests are now coming to an end prior to transferring the telescope to Europe's spaceport near the city of Kourou, in French...
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    Wishing upon a star