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  1. Dizerner

    If you could punish God for all his crimes—what's your sentence

    For all those who think that if a God were to exist, it has done something morally wrong, I have a theoretical question for you. Suppose, hypothetically, God was removed of all his power and become a regular human being, and you were suddenly endowed with omnipotence. How would you punish God...
  2. Dizerner

    Logical arguments and even miracles don't really prove anything

    I often get asked, what would change your mind? I don’t know. I don’t have to know. If there is a God, that God should know exactly what would change my mind and should be capable of doing it, and the fact that this hasn’t happened means that either that God doesn’t exist or doesn’t want me to...
  3. Dizerner

    Eisegesis is an abused term among Calvinists

    The idea seems plausible enough; someone wants to believe something is true, so someone "reads" something into a text that isn't there. This can definitely happen. The problem is when one assumes that any differing interpretation is necessarily "eisegesis" and one's own interpretation is...
  4. Dizerner

    There are three central reasons people reject God—which ones are yours: survey says

    Upon thought, I considered three main reasons people reject the idea of a God. First: They just don't believe it exists, and don't feel this God has revealed itself to them. So there is no God to reject. Second: They don't like whatever God would be, because God created things in an offensive...
  5. Dizerner

    Human vs Termite Rights: challenge accepted

    There are some people who won't step on bugs, but generally most of us don't care if we squish the little buggers into oblivion. But the question is, specifically... why is that—intuition is a thing we take for granted, but analyzing certain things that seem silly to us does not come naturally...
  6. Dizerner

    So I witnessed to my atheist friend...

    Some Christians on this board have accused me of not showing an example of how to be less hostile towards atheists, so I thought I'd share the last bit of a personal conversation I just had with a friend, sharing Christ with them, to illustrate how witnessing does not have to be a snark battle...
  7. Dizerner

    Thou shalt not put Jesus before me, saith the Lord of Hosts

    For those against the divinity of Jesus, I'm seriously wondering why nothing along these lines are ever said in Scripture and no warning is ever sounded not to idolize Jesus, which would be the greatest temptation of all for how highly God exalted him. Why is Jesus the one alone that if we deny...
  8. Dizerner

    Important tips for an authentic and effective witness as a Christian:

    1. Don't be superior or condescending, but practice a humble attitude, always being willing to listen and consider another person's feelings and points, without feeling bound to agree. Admit the ways one falls short of Christ's standard. 2. Recognize and acknowledge that the only way to belief...
  9. Dizerner

    A true theological showdown... only for the sincere

    I want to issue a challenge to everyone, to take time off from all input except the Bible and prayer for a significant period of time, and add fasting if you feel you are capable of it. At least a week, preferably at least a month, of no sermons, no forum posts, no blogs, no interaction, no...
  10. Dizerner

    Thoughts on Free Will — why I believe it, practical application, misunderstandings

    I have come to realize there are Bible verses I simply cannot take “literally.” I have to interpret verses like “Whatsoever you ask in my name that you shall receive” in balance with other verses like “You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss.” But what this means is that no one can...
  11. Dizerner

    My mother has fallen seriously and mysteriously ill in just a day

    She is with the paramedics right now unconscious and hooked up to a machine and we have no idea what it is. All prayers would be appreciated.
  12. Dizerner

    The pronunciation of the Divine name

    Wonder if any can help, I'm wondering what syllable would be stressed assuming the vowels are "Yahweh/Yahveh." Not in English obviously, but as a native speaker, would it be the second syllable or the first? Appreciate any info on this, thanks.
  13. Dizerner

    An example of gracious theological dissent

    With so many getting a bit riled up we need a good example in this song dedicated to persuading Calvinists: "Calvinists are not saved. Cover song." *** This post is satire & meant for humor please don't act like this is justified ***
  14. Dizerner

    evidence, reason, proof, logic, demonstrate, show me, rationality

    I think the way all these words are often used presumes an unjustifiable path to ultimate certainty in knowledge using circular argumentation. Discuss.
  15. Dizerner

    In debating theology do we neglect the heart of the faith?

    I'm going to let anyone that reads this in on a secret—I'm getting kind of bored of debating theology. I no longer think debate is the effective way to communicate truth, or that having correct information in and of itself is as important as I once thought. As A. W. Tozer once pointed out...
  16. Dizerner

    Did "GOD in the universe as a human" die, or did "GOD in the universe as a human" not die?

    This is addressed to a very specific theology, lol. A. GOD in the universe as a human died. B. GOD in the universe as a human did not die. C. Both. D. I don't know.
  17. Dizerner

    The most compelling atheist argument I've ever heard

    No, it wasn't the problem of evil, although that one strikes the fear of God into me. Nor was it the hiddenness of God; although it's hard to hide from that one. These two problems only require a sufficient reason, and once there is the possibility of one, they dissipate. It's a lesser used...
  18. Dizerner

    If you knew false doctrine was a spiritual blindness, how would it change your dialogue with the opposition?

    "Go ahead... !" "Show me where I'm wrong! Prove it!! Just give me a Bible verse that proves your point, buddy, JUST ONE." * * *long list of Bible verses pasted* * * "LOL! You think THOSE verses prove your point?! LOLLLLL...." ~ ~ ~ We've all been there. We've all felt that frustration...
  19. Dizerner

    A Calvinist, Arminian and Provisionist parable...

    An airliner had crashed in some mountainous jungles and many passengers had survived the crash. In a group they had managed to survive almost starving and multiple attacks from both wild animals and hostile bandits. Just at the point they could hold out no longer, helicopters full of supplies...
  20. Dizerner

    1 Cor. 15:8 — Paul and the birth

    ἔσχατον δὲ πάντων ὡσπερεὶ τῷ ἐκτρώματι ὤφθη κἀμοί. (1Co 15:8 BGT) This seems like a difficult to translate verse, and my interest is especially in the phrase "ὡσπερεὶ τῷ ἐκτρώματι." A lot of translators assume Paul is talking about himself here, but the word generally does seem to be used for...