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    If you could decide how to spend tax dollars, how would you do it?

    If you could ear-mark your tax dollars -- we're talking US federal here, how would you do it? Indicate your preferences for the following categories, as percentages, to total 100%. (So if you think a program should be cut completely, it would get 0%) Defense and veterans' services Education...
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    "Vaccination Passports"

    I've heard a lot of people complaining about so-called "Vax-ports," or, more specifically, passes that indicate you have been fully vaccinated. How do y'all feel about businesses offering specials for people who show they are fully vaccinated? Like the free donut a day from Crispy Cremes, or a...
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    What kind of book is it?

    You find a book just sitting there. No title. No dewey decimal number to tell you what type of book it is. It could be a novel. It could be a phone book. It could be a blank journal waiting to be filled. How do you decide what kind of book it is? Well, you open it up and read it, silly. If the...
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    What does it mean to "be saved"?

    Inviting responses from anyone / everyone. What does it mean to "be saved"? Saved from what? For what? What is required to "be saved"? For example, getting baptized, or "believer's baptism" only, or repentance, or "the sinner's prayer," or ...? Is it a one-time thing (once saved always saved)...
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    How "pro-life" is it to deny the sacrament?

    The Catholic Council of Bishops is considering making a statement saying that members who are Catholic but "pro-choice" (such as President Biden) should not be allowed to take Eucharist (Communion). Now, I know many Christians here think Catholics aren't even Christian, so it doesn't matter...
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    I have no idea where to post this, so I'll post it here. My mom was telling me she saw a cartoon with God using a computer, and she noticed God was using the mouse with his left hand. She was wondering about that. I told her, "Of course God is left-handed. Because Jesus sat on his right hand."
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    How is this a "secular" subject?

    I'm just curious why "Bible" is listed under "secular"?
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    Gun legislation?

    These questions are primarily aimed at people who are pro-gun and/or anti-gun-legislation. (And this only pertains to the U.S.) Which of the following measures, if any, would you support as a means to curb gun violence in the U.S.? Require a government-issued picture ID in order to purchase a...
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    Who should vote?

    Let's say I had a magic machine that could determine someone's eligibility to vote with 99% accuracy. As an added trick, you could pre-select the 1% that it would get wrong. In other words, you could choose: either it would OVER-estimate by 1% (meaning it would allow 1% of the people who...
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    A proposal for a common-sense gun legislation compromise (maybe the longest post I've ever written here)

    "Gun control vs. gun rights" seems to be one of the more polarizing issues in the US. It seems most people are either adamantly anti-gun or die-hard pro-gun, and at times I wonder if there is any hope for common ground or compromise. I have come up with a 3-point plan that I think provides...
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    I wish this forum allowed for polls, but....

    So let's try another one. Which of these most closely resembles your own view? Feel free to select several, or add your own stance if none of these fits your own view. "Abortion is a woman's choice and does not concern the state." "As to matters of rape and incest, we empathize with those...
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    So let's see how much agreement there is on some U.S. issues.

    Here are a few political issues with solutions that may have general bipartisan support. I'd like to see if people on both sides of the usual debates here agree with them. (This is concerning U.S. politics, btw. Sorry, for those who are not in the US ... feel free to do your own poll...
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    Issues, not parties

    It seems Republicans complain about Democrats, and Democrats complain about Republicans, but a lot of people in both camps don't seem to know what the two camps even stand for. Here are a few issues, and I'm curious where people stand on these issues. Share where you stand, and which party you...
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    If the Republican party splits....?

    This poll is primarily intended for Republicans: If the Republican Party split into two factions -- Pro-Trump and everyone else -- which would you be? -- Follow Trump, wherever he goes? -- Follow the rest of the party and let Trump go -- Neither, leave both parties and join some other third...
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    The two-party system (US)

    The Republican Party seems to be imploding. The Democratic Party doesn't seem to be faring much better. Should we get rid of the 2-party system? If so, how, and what should replace it?
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    This questions is mostly directed at atheists / agnostics. Do you believe that there is life anywhere in the universe other than on earth? If so, why? If not, why not?
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    Shared altar / pulpit

    How do y'all feel about the communion / agreement between the Lutheran and Anglican churches?
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    I thought it might be interesting to do a "poll"

    Though this forum doesn't seem to allow polls (at least not that I've been able to figure out), so just informally: What do y'all think the Bible is (select all/any that apply): A collection of stories written by an ancient tribe thousands of years ago The Word of God 100% literal 100% inerrant...
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    New thread on militant atheism

    Okay, so let's start a new thread on what it means to be a "militant atheist," who they are, what we ought to do about them, whether they're worse than fundamentalist Christians and/or fundamentalist Muslims, etc. And anything else from that other thread that should be carried over here :)
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    Is there anyone here who is pro-choice?

    I wouldn't think so, but I thought I'd ask.