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  1. Timket

    Mormonism retention rates

    This is not intended to be a debate thread, but I heard something interesting that I wanted to ask the Mormons here about: I saw a YouTube interview with two Mormon missionaries, and the interviewer said that only half of youth raised in Mormonism still practice the religion as adults. For...
  2. Timket

    Miraculous firsthand stories of clairvoyant Orthodox Elders

    This thread is for miraculous first-hand stories of Orthodox elders. If other Orthodox would like to add, please do so :)(y) As we say at Liturgy on Sunday, "Let us commend ourselves, and each other, and all our lives unto Christ our God!" "Elder Porphyrios and the Taxi-Driver" At one time...
  3. Timket

    Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Sola Scriptura

    I have heard, time and again on this forum, that all you need to do to understand the Bible correctly is open it up and study it: But some points to consider: 1) Luther, Zwingli and Calvin also believed that one could simply study the Bible to understand it. All three were clergymen with...
  4. Timket

    "Confess your sins to one another" (James 5:16)

    The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that we must "confess [our] sins to one another" (James 5:16): So I am wondering how you personally confess your sins to other people, and your experiences with confession - how often, where, with whom, and how do you...
  5. Timket

    The Prologue from Ochrid

    The Prologue from Ochrid is a collection of biographies of Christian matryrs and sermons from the Early Church to the present day. The Prologue has been age-old reading for Eastern Christians, and a version from Ochrid, Serbia was recently translated into English. The book has readings for every...
  6. Timket

    Who here has the Holy Spirit? How can I (as an outside observer) be sure that you do?

    I've been lurking around the forums and came up with a question: Everyone here claims to have the Holy Spirit. And yet everyone disagrees. So how can I, as an outside observer (neither Catholic nor Protestant/Evangelical) determine who's telling the truth and who really has the Holy Spirit? I...
  7. Timket

    Salvation "by faith alone"

    The New Testament gives Christians an overwhelming number of commands - they are mentioned throughout the Gospels, Paul's letters to other Christians, Acts, etc. A list of 1,050 New Testament Commands So, a few questions: If we can be saved regardless of what we do, why are we commanded to do...
  8. Timket

    Nobody truly believes that "The Bible means exactly what it says."

    I've heard a ton of people around here say "I don't "interpret" the Bible; I believe exactly what it says." To which I say: I'm not so sure you do. With many verses, you don't think they mean exactly what they say. In fact you go back and forth between literal and not literal fairly regularly...
  9. Timket

    Quotes from our Orthodox elders

    Greetings! Most Orthodox Christians have quotes from the elders that they resonate with, so hopefully we can share some in this thread. Please post your own quotes and I will post mine: ---------------------------- "When people are empty of Christ, a thousand and one other things come and fill...
  10. Timket

    The New Russian Military Cathedral

    Glory to Jesus Christ! The Russian government just built this MASSIVE church and plaza for their armed forces. They don't have separation of church and state, and their government values Christianity:
  11. Timket

    Clarification on Rule 24

    Good afternoon, I was hoping to get some clarification on rule 24: My question is: I am Eastern Orthodox, so I'm not Catholic, but if I believe an evangelical's argument/assertions might not be accurate, am I allowed to say so? How far am I allowed to go before my posts are seen as "debating"...
  12. Timket

    Introducing Myself - Timket

    Good morning, My name is Timket. I am a Christian of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. I grew up Protestant (baptized Presbyterian, attended Baptist and UMC Methodist as a child) but I converted to Eastern Orthodox at 22. Looking forward to discussing the Bible and the Early Church here...