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  1. Sherman

    Roots the Miniseries - 1977

    I just finished watching this miniseries and the follow up of it. I found it interesting viewing as it highlighted what African Americans faced in the history of this Nation. That being said I did some research on this work, Alex Haley had taken a thrashing from critics because he had...
  2. Sherman

    US Navy Vet

    Retired from the Navy. Was an Avionics tech on the A-6 Intruder. Went into working on Computers and web forums after that. I am on Admin on a small one and this weekend I an helping to migrate it to Xenforo like this one. I've Admined various sites over the years. My greatest love...
  3. Sherman

    Any Baptists here?

    By that I mean members who attend a Baptist congregation? I am a Christian who pretty much blooms where I am planted. My area has 3 Lutheran churches. 1 Catholic, 1 Methodist, and two Pentecostal churches. The Baptist one suited my family's tastes so I settled there.
  4. Sherman

    Yay! Xenforo!

    This is pretty bare bones here - but this platform is very stable and reliable. I would suggest the gravatar plugin to improve the appearance.