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    "just follow the science" Science the alarmists do not want studied. Dr Cole presentation

    Dr Cole "One cannot find that for which they do not look" 1 autopsy done out of 14,000 Clot shot deaths? Use French law, guilty until proven innocent. The left winger trolls do NOT understand...
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    Cuomo "really gets the credit he deserves for being the single dumbest person ever to perform on cable news."

    Tucker Carlson reports on Fredo The ignorant Pelosis story was Border agents on horses using whips on illegals. She doesn't know about bridles and reins. In the...
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    Lockdown lard the latest health threat. No playground. No bike rides. No gym. Plus a boom in depression. More teen suicides.
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    FAKE NEWS NY Times Claims of 70% Increase in “Deworming Drug” Ivermectin Poisonings

    FAKE NEWS NY Times Gets Caught: Claims of 70% Increase in “Deworming Drug” Ivermectin Poisonings Was Actually a 2% Increase Our local sidekick...
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    Clinton Lawyer, Michael Sussmann, Indictment..

    Hillary supervised this. All the Fake news channels went with the story. He should be in jail without bail for insurrection.
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    India sees drop in infections, of wuhan Fru, Where are the May 2021 left wing fear merchants? Ivermectin

    HUGE: Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN One of our local left trolls...
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    EnGland. The Vaxx Passport mandate tyranny hits a snag. Cowards drop the order.

    In a democracy, it is healthy for the gubment to fear the people. Our local Marxists will tolerate brown shirt bullies because they will torment conservatives. Look, they will not be honest with reasons to coerce vaxxx Clot shot and they won't be straight on why they crumbled on the...
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    It seems impossible for CARM left to comprehend basic medical ethics.

    It is wrong for Biden Brain to refute critical thinking. Here is a rational Professor and I am sure the Fascists want her in prison. She was fired 9/7/2021 Canadiot fascists.
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    "Conspiracy theory" is code for biased left winger copout. Wuhan Lab

    Fao Chi Min e-mails tell us he was promoting it was NOT from the lab. Conflict of interest. Go ahead and explain how these decepticons didn't know what the lab was working on...
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    9/11 20 years ago and all of us remember what we were doing when we heard

    2021 TaliBiden surrenders. We had phone calls that came in from contacts. Our company headquarters is on the same floor in a high rise bank tower as the bank's canteen/lounges/and employee break rooms and has televisions. Will there be another terrorist event?
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    Moved from SEP board--about Martin Luther

    On the Jews and Their Lies (German: Von den Jüden und iren Lügen) Martin Luther. Was Martie a troo Lutheran?
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    Some declare conservatives are doomed.

    Snopes hire contractors to work overtime to "debunk". ??? No links The modus operandi for the hard left is to create strawmen to knock down. President Trump Ivermectin acts as an ionophore and up-regulates chloride channels to generate apoptosis and osmotic cell death. <disinfectant...
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    Species #1 can not have evolved.

    Once upon a time in a land far far away, long long ago there were NO species. Recall that evolution is any change over time in the allele frequency in a population. What population? What allele? From what did species #1 inherit any genes? Species #2 came after Species #1 decided to...
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    Aussiestan, edit and KiwiStan are newist fascist states. Toxxine

    Warlords seize power. Toxxine given to children without parental consent. 3 dead and more will die. The parents that resist will go to jail. Under fascism, children are the property of The State. Aussiestan is a rather large German style Jewish ghetto. The proletariat will self...
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    Nobody told me abortion was a Satanic ritual, religious event Using "religious freedom" argument to fight TX abortion law.
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    Oklahoma's ERs are so backed up with people overdosing on ivermectin that gunshot victims are having to wait to be treated, a doctor says Another scare report. Locum tenens doc. The Hospital has not treated any patients taking Ivermectin or any Ivermectin overdose cases. The left hates Gateway pundit who actually...
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    Atheist talks about Satan, says he is a god and also doesn't exist

    How did atheist declare Satan to be a god?
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    Racist Facebook Compares Black Men to Primates The racists blame their software. Of course it is taught as Darwinism in Gubment schools. As a side note, Fascist Stronghold australlia, is using software to track their penal...
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    Robust Mannipulations of definitions Word Games Olympics; Vaccine, Herd Immunity, Pandemic

    Left wingers play word games with Fetus vs Human Baby, Warmistas play word games with Global warming, Darwinists play word games with just about every thing from abiogenesis to Yom. Biden Spox render word games on gender. WHO Changed the Definition of Pandemic What exactly is a pandemic...
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    Stat patterns and an overview of Ivermectin sampling India vs CNN Epidemiology

    We don't have problems understanding what the Snope Flakes label Horse medicine. Our genius Hawvud guru complains about and discredits "anecdotal" evidence. India a population way over a billion is over a billion anecdotes. Brian C.Joondeph, MD @ American Thinker The Political filter...