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  1. tbeachhead

    L'Shannah Tovah5782--Happy New Year!

    There's no great place for this thread to go, so I post it where I'm known by the three other posters...I had an intriguing moment looking up the new year that began around 7PM in Jerusalem. The Strong's number 5782 renders the Hebrew word UR--to awaken oneself, to arouse oneself, to wake up...
  2. tbeachhead

    Latest update on the Afghan church

    I'm just posting this here because I know we're praying for them.
  3. tbeachhead

    More on Copeland’s jet

    Here you go. A heretic and the most despised in one clip:
  4. tbeachhead

    Copeland’s Jet

    In three days Glenn Beck raised over twenty million to rescue Christians and threatened people in Afghanistan. Yesterday, to be on the ground, he flew out to an undisclosed safe zone in the Middle East…on Kenneth Copeland’s jet…so that none of the money raised be spent on Glenn’s travel. Not...
  5. tbeachhead

    More on the Christian Response to Afghanistan

    I'm careful to say the "Christian Response" because contrary to the critics' presumption, WoF and Christian are historically synonymous...Simple statistics that will not make the MSM news, current estimates of Christian converts in Afghanistan has reached fifteen thousand. The Taliban has issued...
  6. tbeachhead

    The Word of Faith is Alive and well

    I'm taking a risk, but I was allowed to speak on the Word of Faith in my church last week. Not Copeland's take. It's Paul's take. He first coined the term. I begin at minute 34.
  7. tbeachhead

    Why Jews Inevitably Will accept Jesus

    Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome as Jesus the Messiah prophesied, because Jewish leadership, and most notably the Pharisees failed to recognize the days of their visitation. When the Resurrection of their Messiah took place, the Jews had to make a choice: Admit their error or cover up the truth...
  8. tbeachhead

    How did it come to this...?

    I see it taught that prophecy is no longer for today, that there is no inspired revelation outside of God's printed and translated word... ...and yet...the confusion concerning the term "sovereignty" has forced the "teacher" to adopt the fatalistic notion that the only real, infallible...
  9. tbeachhead

    WoF and Trolls and...crickets.

    Someone once said, paraphrasing, "It's easier to forgive someone for being wrong than it is to forgive someone for being right who pointed out so clearly the error I held as truth." That always comes back to me, as I watch WoF critics struggle here. I'm sure this is why threads die, and the...
  10. tbeachhead

    The presumption of the critics...

    It's frustrating to respond to a post, and not get feedback. I took the time to answer each of Matt Slick's bullet points on those whom he attacks as "WoF heretics." There were scriptural, theologically sound answers to many of his objections... ...but the most troubling part of his work I'm...
  11. tbeachhead

    Faith Walker passes

    It's one thing to be a WoF teacher, another to be a WoF Walker. All of Christendom will mourn the loss of Carman Licciardello. Died the same day Rush died. One of the most memorable performing artists I've ever passed on to my church and my youth groups. Carman once said God had given him a...
  12. tbeachhead

    The Critics' Argument Has Failed

    Clearly it only takes a single, retired former French teacher to offer all the apologetics needed to silence the hundreds of WoF critics who post here. It's one of those "Trump actually won" situations to which the hostile press will never admit.
  13. tbeachhead

    WoF and the Lord's Prayer

    I'm a Royal Rangers chaplain, and I was teaching this week on faith in God. We've learned the Lord's prayer in previous sessions. Kids remember. This week, I asked them something I want to ask you, because I had never thought this way until I was prompted. I'm going to write it in the form of...
  14. tbeachhead

    Would Jesus Wear a Mask?

    Your thoughts. Wrestle with this one: Why would he?
  15. tbeachhead

    Forum's Title...another tongue?

    Was this a typo...or is even the title of this forum in another tongue?
  16. tbeachhead

    Wow...imagine that...

    I've been believing for a forum that function for some time.