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    When will the criminal fauci be brought to justice?

    Read for your self
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    Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dead from

    Complications of covid.
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    How climate change is impacting the planet

    You can't make up how stupid these people are
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    More leftist hypocrisy Ben here must be taking Biden lessons bumbling and stumbling
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    I noticed something

    the other day. I bought a new pair of paints and I was taking all the labels and stickers off them. What I noticed is that in the past there were pins all over the place that you have to make sure you took out but now there are these annoying plastic fasteners that you have to snip off and the...
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    Finally an honest leftist

    I love when leftists finally admit what they really want. Here is an example What I really love is the quote below. It tells us all we need to know about the evil left "One abortion doctor named Ghazaleh...
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    New England sees surges in covid cases despite

    having states with some of the highest vaccination rates. Its hilarious because the rabid vaxxers will insist it's because of the "unvaccinated". Wingnuts
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    Vaccine efficacy

    So I was thinking the other day that whenever I have mentioned I had covid and was prescribed ivermectin and felt better after 2 days, rabid vaxxers said things like "How do you know you wouldn't have felt better without ivermectin?" or "You can't be sure it was because of the ivermectin". I...
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    Since Joke Biden has said tornadoes are no longer called tornadoes, but didn't say what they are now called I thought it would be fun to get suggestions for new names for tornadoes. Let's see what we come up with
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    The hits just keep coming with joke Biden They are called tornados anymore and the "extreme" weather has affected the "wetlands in Nevada". This dingbat is an...
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    Hear the love for joke biden As noted let's hope this is a trend that continues. The idiot the buffoons elected is a national embarrassment
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    Funny how things work

    Here is a quote from Eva Longoria concerning the recent Texas law limiting abortions. Its from a site called and this is aboutabortion but about choice and who should have it and when. Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”) also criticized the pro-life law, writing: “It’s pretty simple...
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    The LA Times calls Larry Elder the The black face of white supremacy. The left hates conservatives but black conservatives get the that special kind of hate from the left. It's like the "good china" that only comes...
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    Not his fault

    You have to love how the Butcher of Albany can't accept responsibility for his horrific behavior
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    LeBron in hot water

    So apparently lord lebron posted a tweet threatening the cop who shot the 16 year old girl but then deleted it saying it was being "used to create more hate". I guess he meant more hate on top of the hate he was creating. I guess he doesn't like the competition...
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    Maxine Maxine

    It's funny how I haven't seen one leftist here condemning maxine waters for inviting violence. I guess its only bad when orange man does it. When black pinhead dies it nobody seems to care.
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    Masks and vaccines

    So we were told that a mask protected others not the wearer so that's why it was important to wear one. Then the vaccine shows up and we are told to get the vaccine but still wear a mask. Wouldn't someone who had the vaccine, no longer be a threat to others? If so why the mask? What if you...
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    What's more important?

    This is a simple question but I doubt there will be simple answers but here goes, What's more important, freedom or fairness?
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    Why the mask?

    If the imbecile Joe has been vaccinated why does he still wear a mask?