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  1. Sherman

    Nephew and wife

    The couple is isolated in the hospital because the wife, has partial placental abruption. The doctors plan on delivering the baby girl in two weeks. Pray for the couple and their baby. The wife doesn't take isolation very well. She us a very social person. The couple is Christian.
  2. Sherman

    Biden appoints a Headcase as his Assistant Health Secretary

    Regarde! This is the very same loon that helped Cuomo put elderly Covid patients in the nursing homes. It's the same thing as a white person pretending to be Black or Native American. Or one of...
  3. Sherman

    Roots the Miniseries - 1977

    I just finished watching this miniseries and the follow up of it. I found it interesting viewing as it highlighted what African Americans faced in the history of this Nation. That being said I did some research on this work, Alex Haley had taken a thrashing from critics because he had...
  4. Sherman

    US Navy Vet

    Retired from the Navy. Was an Avionics tech on the A-6 Intruder. Went into working on Computers and web forums after that. I am on Admin on a small one and this weekend I an helping to migrate it to Xenforo like this one. I've Admined various sites over the years. My greatest love...
  5. Sherman

    Any Baptists here?

    By that I mean members who attend a Baptist congregation? I am a Christian who pretty much blooms where I am planted. My area has 3 Lutheran churches. 1 Catholic, 1 Methodist, and two Pentecostal churches. The Baptist one suited my family's tastes so I settled there.
  6. Sherman

    Yay! Xenforo!

    This is pretty bare bones here - but this platform is very stable and reliable. I would suggest the gravatar plugin to improve the appearance.