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  1. TibiasDad

    Disinterested Love

    I was reading an article on New England Theology in which the theology of Jonathan Edwards was being discussed, and I found the following information regarding what is termed "disinterested love": "Another major element of Edwards's theology is the concept of disinterested love. Edwards...
  2. TibiasDad

    Who is behind the 2 Corinthians 10:5 website...

    While I was surfing the web the other day, I came across a page that listed what they thought to be 99 false teachers. Included in this list were those considered stalwarts of Reformed teachings such as RC Sproul, John Macarther, John Piper, John Calvin, and, wait for it, @Matt Slick /CARM...
  3. TibiasDad

    HTML menu issues

    For some reason, when using my Kindle, the HTML menu is not working/won't allow me to use it. It works fine from my cell phone, but not on my Kindle tablet. Any suggestions? Doug
  4. TibiasDad

    The Value of Evangelism in Reform Theology

    In the prologue of the book Deconstructing Calvinism by Hudson Smelley, is found this statement: Calvinism completely compasses God's redemptive plan and teaches that God saves a small percentage of humanity based on His elective determination before creation and passes over the rest. Since...
  5. TibiasDad

    Good to see everyone again...

    Peace and patience to all! Doug