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  1. Dant01

    Eve's Offspring & Mary's

    . • Gen 3:15 . . And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. Most everyone on both sides of the aisle agree that's a prophesy referring to Christ. Now, the question we must resolve is the origin of...
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    Jesus' I AMs

    . Before coming into the world as a creature, God's son was a divine being known as the Word (John 1:1a) The Word is translated from the Greek noun logos (log'-os) which basically refers to something spoken as opposed to something written, viz; logos refers to voice, i.e. speech. God's spoken...
  3. Dant01

    My Children's Future In America

    . It's a pity that expert medical opinions are being suppressed by the deep state's cancel culture because if the general public all knew just how risky and how inefficient the current vaccines really are, then all this masking, distancing, quarantines, boosters, lock downs, covid IDs, and...
  4. Dant01

    Are The Dead Pious?

    . • Ps 115:17 . .The dead do not praise The Lord, nor do any who go down into silence "The dead" in this Psalm likely refers to the folks spoken of in verses 2-8 "any who go down into silence" are again the folks described in verses 2-8. Psalm 115 tells me that those folks in verses 2 thru 8...
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    Liars Are Born That Way

    . • Ps 58:3 . .The wicked are estranged from the womb; these who speak lies go astray from birth. This is pretty serious because the Bible says that there is a marvelous city in the works wherein is not allowed dishonesty. • Rev 22:15 . . Outside are . . . everyone who loves and practices...
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    Yom Kippur Caution

    . To everyone who has Jewish friends: do NOT wish for them a pleasant holiday for Yom Kippur because Lev 16:29-31, Lev 16:31, Lev 23:27, and Lev 23:32 doesn't allow them to be cheerful and/or feel good about themselves on that day. It's actually a day to despise one's self, i.e. regard one's...
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    Useful Q & A

    . 1» Was Jesus a Christian? Jesus was a Jew thru and thru who believed and practiced the Old Testament in compliance with the Prophets and the various covenants; most especially the one that Moses' people agreed upon with God per Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. (Gal 4:4) _
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    The Cost Of Missing The Boat

    . People penned up in the fiery section of Hades may or may not be fully aware of all they've lost. Many are doubtless aware of at least their loss of immortality; but I'm not so sure they know about the bulk of their loss because not even that many Christians are aware of all they've gained by...
  9. Dant01

    Apologetics vs One's Integrity

    . It's very difficult to find a Christian with integrity, viz: one that can give you a direct answer to a direct question about their beliefs and practices. When a rational skeptic points out that some of God's actions are not only unreasonable, but also downright evil, selfish, and sadistic...
  10. Dant01

    Phileo Love vs Agapao Love

    . A common Greek word for "love" in the New Testament is agape (ag-ah' pay) for example 1John 4:8 and 1John 4:16 where it's said that God is love. Agape has become a sort of sacred cow among Christians; and they typically quote the entire spectrum of it from 1Cor 13:1-7. But the entire...
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    America's Front Lines Of Defense (Op Ed)

    . A US Supreme Court decision ruled some time ago that Americans have a right to own guns for self defense. However, self defense was not the founding fathers' intention. The second Amendment provides for an armed militia; which are not professional soldiers, rather, citizen soldiers, e.g...
  12. Dant01

    I'd Like To Be A Catholic

    . Before taking the plunge, I suggest taking time to think about a number of liabilities associated with Catholicism. Once someone is committed-- completed First Holy Communion and Confirmation - God will be holding them accountable to comply with everything Rome teaches and stands for: the...
  13. Dant01

    Covid Survivor Rates

    . According to the WHO corona virus dashboard: as of Apr 19, 2021 there were approximately 140,886,773 confirmed cases and 3,012,251 deaths. That translates to roughly a 97.86% survival rate. (close enough to be called 98% in dumbed-down math.) So even when people come down sick with the...
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    Loss Of A Little Sister

    . Many years ago I heard a song on radio that I've never forgotten. I remember only a few lines of the lyrics. They go sort of like this: Mommy, why are you crying? And Daddy, why are you so blue? And why are there flowers all over the room? And who's the nice man, With the scars in his hands...
  15. Dant01

    The Peril Of Immunization

    . This comment isn't meant to discourage vaccinations, nor to disparage their value; only to revive awareness that the only health a vaccination protects is your own. In other words: vaccines don't sanitize your body; it remains toxic, and spreads germs everywhere you go; germs that are fully...
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    Jesus' Crucified Dead Body

    . Restored to life as it was, or restored to life as it is now? _
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    Resurrection Day 2021

    1_ According to Matt 26:17-20, Mark 14:12-17, and Luke 22:7-15, Jesus ate his Seder during the night of his arrest. According to John 13:1-2, John 18:28-29, John 19:13-14, and John 19:31, the Jews ate their Seders the night following his crucifixion. So then, sufficient textual evidence...
  18. Dant01

    The New Fake Math

    . In order to protect Black and Hispanic children from the alleged destructive effects of racism and white supremacy, the State of Oregon is proposing that teachers no longer expect right answers nor require kids to show their work. In other words; all will be dumbed down in the name of...
  19. Dant01

    The Last Supper 2021

    . Passover this year begins at sunset on the 27th of March; which is a Saturday, viz: the pesach lamb is supposed to be dedicated, slain, and roasted with fire Saturday afternoon in preparation for dinner that night in accord with Ex 12:1-21. This year's Passover is interesting because the...
  20. Dant01

    Amazon 451

    . The online mega merchant recently revised its business model to exclude books from its inventory that contain what it deems as "inappropriate or offensive" content. In other words not what is universally deemed inappropriate or offensive, rather, what Amazon deems; which is an entirely...