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    Demons vs. Evil Spirits

    I don't know if this is the spot to post this. Does anyone know if there is a distinction between a demon & an evil spirit in either the Old or New Testament? Or are they synonymous. It seems to be the latter, but if anyone can give an example that they are different & post a verse from...
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    Interview on the OT with Dr. Tony Costa

    Dr. Tony Costa invited my on his YouTube channel to discuss the OT canon this Thursday, September 30th at 7pm EST. For anyone who would has a YouTube account, you can join the live chat & post comments & questions, which we may address towards the end of the discussion. Please keep me in your...
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    My interview with Dr. Michael Brown on the OT canon

    I was invited on Dr. Michael Brown's nationally, syndicated radio program, "The Link of Fire" this past Tuesday to discuss the OT canon that the Jews of antiquity embraced, as well as the first Jewish believers in Jesus. Here is the link for anyone who wants to watch it.
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    Dr. Michael Brown debates William Albrecht. Albrecht complains about rules.

    William Albrecht is a colleague of Gary Michuta who debates Protestants on the Biblical canon. Albrecht somehow got Dr. Michael Brown to debate him on whether or not Purgatory is in the Protestant OT & the NT. After Albrecht's opening statement, Dr. Brown announced that Albrecht was not...
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    Fr. Mitch Pacwa admits on EWTN that Matthew 23:34-35 is about the Protestant canon

    Recently on a live interview on EWTN, Fr. Mitch Pacwa admitted in Matthew 23:34-35 when Jesus talks about the forefathers of the Pharisees murdering "ALL" of the prophets "from Abel to Zechariah, the son of Berechiah" that Jesus was using a known rabbinic name conflation. This is when a rabbi...
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    500 Year Anniversary of the Diet of Worms

    Today marks arguably one of the most important events in the last half-millennium - the 500 year anniversary of the Diet of Worms. On April 16th, 1521, Martin Luther was summoned to appear before the Holy Roman Empire to recant his faith in the gospel of salvation by faith alone, which is...