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  1. BlessedAnomaly

    WoF and The date Revelation was written

    When talking about what prophetic events the Book of Revelation is speaking (first century, first through future centuries, all future) it is important to understand WHEN the Book of Revelation was written. There are a number of dates given. The one I like, because it meets my...
  2. BlessedAnomaly

    WoF and Revelation 9:16

    Revelation 9:16 The number of soldiers on horseback was 200,000,000; I heard their number. The WoF would likely think: 200,000,000 times 10 percent. $$$ Jets, jets everywhere. But what must the 1st century reader of this think? I mean the entire Roman Empire is estimated to be between 45...
  3. BlessedAnomaly

    WoF and the Gathering of Information

    I'm tired. That's the best title I could come up with. :p Signs of the End of the Age Matthew 24:3-8 As he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will these things happen? And what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the...
  4. BlessedAnomaly

    wof and "What if God threw a Rapture and nobody came?"

    So one day in the future, Jesus comes in the clouds to collect his church in the twinkling of an eye. But a whole slew of Reformed believers look up and say "No, there's no such thing as a rapture." As the believer next to them disappears, their clothes and jewelry fall to the ground, and they...
  5. BlessedAnomaly

    wof and Luke 14:23-24

    Luke 14:15; 23-24 15 When one of those at the meal with Jesus heard this, he said to him, “Blessed is everyone who will feast in the kingdom of God!” 23 So the master said to his slave, ‘Go out to the highways and country roads and urge people to come in, so that my house will be filled. 24 For...
  6. BlessedAnomaly

    Kenneth's great-grandson

    Kenneth Copeland's daughter is Kelli. Kelli's first husband was Doyle Blaine Ward. A daughter of that marriage is Rachel Ward Mayer who married Caleb Mayer. The boy in this story was Kenneth's great-grandson. May 5, 2021...
  7. BlessedAnomaly

    wof and the Book of Hebrews

    While I was watching Kenneth Copeland's jet fly overhead.... I was wondering who wrote the book of Hebrews. More specifically, why do we even consider Paul? Now I've studied a bit on this, but not too much, and I was reading something today that gave me pause. It was this: Galatians 2 -...
  8. BlessedAnomaly

    Romans 8:18-21 and wof

    18 For I consider that our present sufferings cannot even be compared to the coming glory that will be revealed to us. 19 For the creation eagerly waits for the revelation of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility—not willingly but because of God who subjected it—in hope...
  9. BlessedAnomaly

    Let's see if Piper has anything to say about it

    [And what I'm really waiting to hear is something like: "yeah, Piper is great. But this particular thing I don't think he's right."] And this goes double for the WoF people who think that God doesn't make evil, darkness, sickness and the like. When I mark the video as: 2:52 (2:40) I mean that...
  10. BlessedAnomaly

    The all powerful God

    Before creation, what existed next to God? If we have things in this existence, where did they come from? If we have abstractions in this existence, where did they come from?
  11. BlessedAnomaly

    My conundrum in a nutshell

    Attached is a PDF that explains my questions. For those of you who are new to me: I used to be on these boards as ABlessedMan. As Yodas used to call me, I was neo-WoF -- meaning I was saddled up really close to them but didn't fully teach what they taught. My wife got cancer - had it...
  12. BlessedAnomaly

    I have set before you. I the Lord.

    A good WoF verse, eh? Here's a different way to look at it.... I had always talked of the life, the blessings. God said "choose life." But what was missed is this: who handles this curse and death and set it before us? Who touches it and shoves it in the face of worms who can do no good...
  13. BlessedAnomaly

    NET - Full Notes Edition

    This guy who doesn't care just received his new Bible. It is a NET translation (don't care if you like that) that contains *all* 60,000+ of the translators notes built in page by page. Here's what an extreme page looks like. I'll answer questions if you have them. I won't argue text, version...