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    Early Church Fathers on the Martyrdom of John son of Zebedee

    The Gospels The Gospels of Matthew (20:23) and Mark (10:39) record a prophecy of the martyrdom of the Zebedee brothers. The metaphor of the cup is used elsewhere in the Gospels and other early Jewish/Christian literature (Martyrdom of Isaiah, Targum Neofiti, Martyrdom of Polycarp) to denote...
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    Did the Church Fathers Place Revelation in Nero or Domitian's reign?

    Eastern Orthodox patristic scholar Fr John Behr discusses Irenaeus's words in his book, John the Theologian and his Paschal Gospel. He argues that the subject of the verb "was seen" is John, so that it should be translated "he was seen," not "it was seen." Clement of Alexandria does not name...
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    Is John the Apostle in Papias the same as John the Elder?

    Papias’s words are as follows: Most scholars believe that Papias spoke of two Johns: Jülicher said that the idea he spoke of the same John twice would require that Papias forgot what he wrote within a minute of writing it. Johannes Munck explains: R. H. Charles speaks of John the Elder as...
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    Evidence for Early Date of Revelation

    Taken from a blog: Patristic Evidence for the Early Date of Revelation Irenaeus (c. 185) Irenaeus claims that at the time of the writing of John’s Gospel, Cerinthus was actively disseminating his teachings, which the Nicolaitans had also disseminated “a long time previously” (Haer. 3.11.1)...
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    Polycarp and the Date of Revelation

    Not a "preterist" topic per se, since someone doesn't have to be preterist to be early date (though one does have to be early date to be preterist). From a blog (I don't have linking privileges): Some [Mark Hitchcock] claim that according to Polycarp, the Christians at Smyrna (one of the...