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    Does God love me?

    Does God love me?
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    How is God's faithfulness taught to young believers?

    How is wisdom of God's faithfulness, reliability, trustworthiness etc imparted to children or young believers? What methods do Christian teachers employ, what are the methods?
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    In what ways is God reliable/trustworthy?

    What examples exist of God's reliability/trustworthiness? What are the situations in which God's response is predictable, reliable and therefore worthy of trust? When one puts their faith in God, what are the benefits on which the believer can rely?
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    Who is your "neighbor"?

    It occurred to me that another difference between the atheist and the believe is this: The atheist tends to consider all of humanity to be their neighbor whereas the Christian tends to consider only those in their tribe to be neighbor. Of course this is a generalization but I'm curious if any...
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    Biden's Inaugural Speech

    Of Biden's inaugural speech, what do you find objectionable?
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    Trump's Favorite Bible Verse

    I'm curious as to what believers here think about this video. Many believers I encounter here are dismissive of atheist's claims of having read the bible, ever having been a true Christian. At best believers here do not accept atheist personal accounts of their beliefs as authentic. So I'm...
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    End Times

    Trump is the Antichrist, right? Is there any reason to doubt this?
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    What's the deal with Guiliani, is he losing his mind? He was America's mayor after 9/11; he was a hero... What happened? As mayor of New York, he had a relationship with a certain real-estate deal maker, perhaps you've heard of him: Donald Trump. Apparently Guiliani doesn't get paid by Trump...
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    Trump's Refusal to Concede; is He Guilty of Something?

    Trump's refusal to concede and to refusal to allow transition process to commence are consistent with someone trying to hide something. Imagine yourself in a position in which you had an enormous ego but had performed incompetently and maybe even illegally but had not yet been caught. And...
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    Denominational Ranking Based on Truth

    How do different denominations rank in terms of truth? Which are the most correct and which are least correct?
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    Making the Case for Belief

    Conversations/debate between theists and atheists routinely hit limits and brick walls, as if the two parties are talking different languages. In a way, this is exactly what is happening. And while it might be entertaining for a moment to circle around speaking in terms and sentences that mean...
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    How about the Beatitudes?

    Interesting that we rarely see Christians mention the Beatitudes. More often we see very demands that the Ten Commandments be posted in public buildings. Have you ever heard anyone demand that the Sermon on the Mount be posted anywhere? How about "Blessed are the merciful" in a courtroom? Or...
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    Pick your favorite argument for Christianity and let's discuss.

    Interesting that Christianity requires so many arguments when one good one would suffice. Pick your favorite from this believer provided article and let's discuss: