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    Matt 3:16. Who will listen? You?

    If people would look how God opened to Jesus all of His heaven and the things Jesus didn't understand about Him where nothing is hidden that was hidden and obey God and receive the same as Jesus did, all these arguments over doctrines would dissipate and people would be of one mind, that of God...
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    Some has put Jesus on Ignore -- Ignoring Jesus Words.

    May someone explain to me without changing that what Jesus said of himself and his God and has made him a god instead of the One Jesus obeyed. Quote to me where Jesus said he was Gods and not His son. Read these scriptures and tell me how wrong Jesus was in his statements. Is it not that...
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    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

    Happy thanksgiving to all who love me and to all who do not love me. May God in you be the reason for.
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    Jesus as a God?

    Why do you guys worship Jesus as a god when it is very clear that God sent Jesus to us tho show us His way that we may be as the one He sent?
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    The One God sent to show you His say

    How is it that the one God sent to show you His way to be as He is -- is not your instructor? What keep yo-yo guys from following the way of Jesus to Him? What has come between you and Jesus that he is of none effect that you may be on the Father as He was in the Father? Isn't the real truth...
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    Perfect Light

    The need to be of Christ is not the battle against sin or difficulties or circumstances but to be one with God and have His same mind and walk in it as He walks in it. Most of you here call that impractical and dreamy. Jesus advice in this is trust no one even the finest saint, ignore them IF...
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    A Strange God

    Someone commented that it is a strange God I serve -- and I suppose it is to one who has not met Him. The way of the God who inspired Jesus and others we read of to do what they did is very strange to the religious minds who conform to their own beliefs for a god instead of having the same mind...
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    Seeking Gods Salvation

    When one begins to seek Gods salvation the note of testimony is on what God has done for us and that is rightly so. But the baptism of the Holy Spirit obliterates that forever and one begins to realize what Jesus meant when he said ye shall be witness of unto me, not witness to what Jesus can...
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    Satan does not tempt us to do wrong things, he tempts us in order to make us to loose what God puts into man by regeneration, the possibility to be being value to God. Satan does not come on the line of tempting us to sin but on the line of shifting the point of view away from having from God...
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    Born Of God

    If a person cannot get through to God it is because there is a secret thing he does not intend to give up that such as a man as a god. The Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God, Luke 1:35. You cannot enter into the realm of God at all unless you are born from...
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    Gods Kingdom

    It is pretty obvious that most in this forum doesnt have a clue why God sent Jesus to show you the way to Him and be His example He sent to show you the way to Him for Him to be in you and you be in Him as one, prefect even as your Father in haven is perfect and just watch how most of you will...
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    How Can One Say He is of Christ if You are Not Like Him?

    Im curious -- How can one say he is of Christ if you are not like Him? Anything less than is not of Christ at all.
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    In That Day

    In the day that you receive from God His Spirit is the day you will realize He is Spirit and not a man as a god. Until then you are of self instead.
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    Does God Control Your Thoughts?

    Temptation is a suggested shortcut to the realism of will. Temptation baffles the will and spawns selfish desires that overrides the original intent to will ones self over and let God control your thoughts. If ones will is in it one will accomplish the intent of God to control thoughts. On...
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    Come Unto Me

    Jesus said to come unto him. Most will wait until it is to late waiting for him to come to them instead. Jesus was clear to come to the same place where he was in the Father.
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    To Those Who Say Jesus Was God.

    What if God really did send Jesus to show you the way to Him and have from Him that what He gave Jesus? The One Jesus prayed to and obeyed and called Him Father of His Spirit? Would that make a difference in your beliefs if you actually followed Jesus to the same place in God that he was in God?
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    Is there a way to show latest posts first in the OP?

    Id there a way to show the latest replies first in the OP without scrolling through all the replies?
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    Is There a Way to show the Latest Replies First

    Does anyone know if there is a way to show the latest replies at the top of the OP? Thank You