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    Is this forum for open debate or for Christian evangelism?

    I'm seeing that people here are labeled and then discriminated against based on those labels. When I joined this forum I was hoping to engage in free, open debate regardless of my own beliefs or my positions on the issues. That's obviously not the case. It appears that those who do not support...
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    Is Jesus converting Muslims via dreams and visions?

    After 1400 years and 1.8 billion+ people converted to Islam, it looks like Jesus has finally decided to do something about it. According to reports from some Christian apologists, Jesus is appearing to Muslims in visions and dreams converting them to the correct religion. Some Christians are of...
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    A Christian-Like Atheist

    Consider Stacy. She's an atheist in the sense that she believes in no Gods. Stacy is not an atheist because she has good reasons to doubt that Gods exist, and neither is she an atheist because she can cite evidence that no Gods exist. Rather, Stacy is an atheist because it is very important to...
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    Christian Apologist Sexually Assaulted Several Women

    The late Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias (died 19 May 2020 (aged 74)), has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women including his groping them, masturbating in front of them, and propositioning them. Wikipedia quoting Christianity Today says of the apologist's alleged misconduct...
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    Confess your sins.

    Many Christian apologists accuse skeptics of refusing to convert because skeptics love their sin. As we all know, though, sin can be awfully darned pleasurable for anybody Christians included! I suppose that's why apologists are so sure sure what the motives of skeptics are. Anyway, the Bible...
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    The Case for the Historical Christ

    Can we make a case that Jesus really lived? Whatever else you might think of him, the answer to this question is not hard to come up with. The first and perhaps most commonly cited reason to believe Jesus lived is that we know that the popular majority of New Testament authorities think he...
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    What morals do atheists have?

    Many atheists are decent people, obviously. I have to wonder, though, where any atheist gets her or his morals without God. With God you have a basis for morality (moral standards). Therefore, with God your morality is objective which is to say your morality is not just based on your opinion. If...
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    The Effectiveness of Apologetics

    Is apologetics effective in reaching its goals? What are those goals, and who is being reached with it?